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Spices and Benefits for Humans

If you hear the word herbs, many people feel a little strange . At most is known about the spices associated with that sought by the Dutch colonizers . However , if it is spoken herbs , then the mother was definitely excited to think of what dishes will be made , followed by a complaint despite the price increase peppers , onion and garlic .
But , when I watched a show about the benefits of spice to human health , so I understand why Europeans come all the way to Southeast Asia , particularly Indonesia , by taking a ferocious ocean . Especially at this time , a lot of research from Michigan State University on black cumin which turned out to have a million benefits .
Spices are aromatic plant parts or strong taste , which is used in small quantities in food as a preservative or shield in cooking . Spices are usually distinguished by other plants that are used for similar purposes , such as medicinal plants , aromatic vegetables , and dried fruit . Spices are the most valuab…

6 Types of Herbs Helpful for Us


How can we give up especially in the summer to a plate of pasta with pesto or imagine a caprese, an eggplant parmigiana , a pasta alla norma and many other dishes without basil ?

Moreover we find that the basil for flavoring foods , feeds , and has many beneficial properties .

It ' full of essential nutrients

The fragrant fresh basil, offers a good dose of vitamin K , which is essential in maintaining the correct levels of blood clotting factors .

Two tablespoons of chopped fresh basil provide 27% of the daily requirement , as well as vitamin A, manganese and magnesium.

It has many antioxidants, and is rich in iron, calcium , vitamin A, fiber , tryptophan, vitamin B6, vitamin C and potassium.

Basil is well known for its anti -inflammatory properties. eugenol contained in it blocks the enzymes in the body that cause swelling. This is the reason why basil is used for the treatment of people suffering from arthritis. The Basil also reduces bad cholesterol .

It protects the bod…

SPICES & HERBS : how many benefits

Whenever insaporiamo our foods with herbs or spices are literally " improving " the value of food , without adding a single calorie .

It starts from something ordinary and turn it into something extraordinary by adding color, flavor, vitamins, and often medicinal properties.

Spices are tasty weapon that nature offers us to make more healthy foods . The nice thing is that spices are relatively inexpensive and are available in a wide variety of flavors , so it's impossible not to find a spice that can be to the liking of each.

Set in a kitchen cabinet with various types of spices and herbs and use them freely to flavor dishes can double and even triple the medicinal properties of the foods we eat .

Some healing properties of spices and herbs

Spices and herbs maximize nutrient properties of foods. Herbs and spices contain antioxidants, minerals and multivitamins fundamental to our feed

The spices and herbs are thermogenic , which means , of course, increase metabolism , bu…