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Can spices in Make Drugs

Our country is rich Indonesian rempahnya spices, spice seasoning is often made in the Indonesian family. That's why many types of dishes archipelago that spreads from Sabang to Merauke, so that our country is known by a variety of tempting foods. And because it is also a foreign country who want to have a country rich in these spices rempahnya.
The spices that we know so far for seasoning can also be an efficacious natural medicine. Spices come from seeds, roots, leaves, flowers, buds, bark or fruit of plants. And most of it is used to flavor many dishes.
In addition to use for seasoning, spices can also be used as a high drug content and antiinflasi antioxidants that can help prevent and treat a variety of chronic diseases. The following spices can be made in medicine:
1. GingerGinger is effective in preventing motion sickness and seasickness, and can also be used in reducing nausea and vomiting for pregnant women. Because ginger contains inflammation-fighting substance calle…

Traditional herb Female Fertility

inthis postItryGive himherbstohelpnourishthe wombisusually usedbytheEast Javaregiontoimprove thefertility ofwomenwhobecome pregnantornot pregnant.

Althoughalreadyusedall meansandeffortsbuthave not foundsuccessful,you can trywithingredientsthatIcanfromatraditional herbal medicinemakereastern Javaandwasnotdirectlylohbutlong termhe saidyesbutonlya maximum ofone year.

I wonder whatthat comesfrom themindsadaraand sistersbutit would not hurtifyou arenot pregnantaftera longmarriageit would not hurttrying, prayingto God Almightybecausealldependsalsoon thepower ofAlmighty God.

InsteadIhad a long talkIgavemendingmaterialsandhowpembuatanya:

Herbal MedicineTo HelpFertility

7interestin such
The secondingredientisblendedgansampekjustsuckthentake the water,continuepreviouslyconsumedmixedwiththe followingingredients

Half alargeglass ofwater
Brown sugar1smallbullet

mixuntilsmooth andhowdrinkingtwicea weekajaya..mostof thetimeit wouldmakendakuntiltheglass...