Traditional herb Female Fertility

in this post I try Give him herbs to help nourish the womb is usually used by the East Java region to improve the fertility of women who become pregnant or not pregnant.

Although already used all means and efforts but have not found successful, you can try with ingredients that I can from a traditional herbal medicine maker eastern Java and was not directly loh but long term he said yes but only a maximum of one year.

I wonder what that comes from the mind sadara and sisters but it would not hurt if you are not pregnant after a long marriage it would not hurt trying, praying to God Almighty because all depends also on the power of Almighty God.

Instead I had a long talk I gave mending materials and how pembuatanya:

Herbal Medicine To Help Fertility

turmeric 1ons
7 interest in such
The second ingredient is blended gan sampek just suck then take the water, continue previously consumed mixed with the following ingredients

Half a large glass of water
Asem 1 jmpol
Salt 1/2 tablespoon
Brown sugar 1 small bullet

mix until smooth and how drinking twice a week aja ya .. most of the time it would make ndak until the glass ...
insyaalah if done regularly and pray to God Almighty hopefully been able, in this post I told you all that I also received an alternative treatment services both medical and non medical.

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