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Apparently Serai Many Benefits to Health

Among housewives, lemongrass or called Lemongrass is very familiar with being one of the essential ingredients for cooking.
The use of lemongrass or Citronella scent is usually for food and as a flavor enhancer. The question, whether that's the benefit of this Serai?
Serai or in Latin called Andropogon nardus this turned out to save a lot of benefits for human health.
In some studies, leaves Serai turned out to contain an anti-microbial and anti-bacterial which is especially useful for treating infections of the stomach, intestine, urinary bladder, and heal wounds. Not only that, lemongrass is also widely used for the relief of spasms, anti-rheumatic, and is a diuretic.
In addition, the content of the Serai analgesics can also serve to help relieve the pain of headaches, muscle aches and joint pain. Later, Serai also widely believed to cure various diseases such as skin infections, typhoid, food poisoning, and also relieve body odor.
In Serai, there are many geranil containing compounds such as butyrate, lomonen, eugenol, metileugenol, geranial very beneficial for health. For more details, Serai related functions are very nutritious for health, following a penjabarannya.

* Serai prevent cancer
There is research that explains that every 100 grams of lemongrass contains antioxidants that we know beneficial for preventing cancer. Later, a study conducted by a team of Gurion University in Israel have found that there are compounds in lemongrass can kill cancer cells without harming healthy cells.
* Treating indigestion
Serai is very useful to overcome indigestion, abdominal pain, colds, reduces intestinal gas, and diarrhea.
* Lowering blood pressure
Lemongrass is also widely used to reduce blood pressure and stimulate blood circulation. By consuming beverages containing lemongrass every day it will be very helpful in reducing hypertension.
* Detoxification
Lemongrass is also excellent for detoxifying the body by increasing the amount of urination. It is certainly very useful for making the entire digestive organs such as the liver, pancreas, kidney, bladder, and also clean and healthy because of various toxins to be eliminated.
* Benefits of the nervous system
The essential oil containing lemongrass can also be useful to strengthen and improve the functioning of the nervous system. That is because the lemongrass oil will provide a warming effect, relaxes muscles, and relieve cramps.
* Serves as an analgesic
Serai also can relieve all types of inflammation and irritability associated with your suffering aches and pains such as joint pain, muscle pain, toothache, and more.
* Beautify Skin
The use of lemongrass leaves also have occurred in the field of cosmetics that are used to beautify the skin. The effects of the use of cosmetics containing lemongrass leaves are able to eliminate acne and also serves as a refresher.
* Women's health
Lemongrass is also commonly used by women to relieve pain when the onset of menstruation and relieve nausea.
With so many functions Serai, is expected in the future with the growth of public knowledge related to alternative medicine, could expand the use of lemongrass which is not only used as a spice in cooking, but also as an herbal health.
The use of lemongrass leaves to overcome various health problems above has many advantages, which in addition to readily available and inexpensive, also did not provide any side effects when its use is appropriate.


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