Benefits of Apples For Health

Apples are one fruit that is very popular with the people of Indonesia. In addition to its refreshing taste, you can easily get this fruit, for example, in traditional markets, supermarkets and even in the apple orchard. Another advantage of this fruit is that you can get the benefits of apples may unknowingly.benefits of apples
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On occasion this time admin will try to share the useful life of apples especially for health. Here are some descriptions about the health benefits of apples for:
1. Preventing asthmaThe first benefits of apples may be a bit foreign to you. But it is according to the study, children who regularly eat apples have a lower risk of respiratory disorders particularly affected by asthma than children who ate an apple once a month. Iu addition, this also applies to pregnant women. In pregnant women who regularly consume apples, then the child will be born also have a lower risk of developing asthma.
2. Preventing dementia or al-zheimerThe benefits of apple the second is due to the content of quercetin. These compounds are able to protect the brain from free radicals, thus al-zheimer risk is very low.
3. Helps lose weightFor those of you who are running a diet program, it is advisable to incorporate fruit into your diet, especially apples. The benefits of apple fruit is due to high fiber content so that it will cause a delay hunger. Apple is very effective to improve the success of your diet program.
4. Reduce the risk of colon cancerIn apples contain pectin which is quite high. Inila compounds that play a role in preventing colon cancer. In addition, the benefits of apples also helps facilitate digestion and helps maintain a healthy digestive tract.
5. Preventing lung cancerExperts say that people who regularly consumed in the form of fresh fruit or apple juice, have a lower risk of lung cancer terseran. This is presumably due to the role of the flavonoids quercetin contained in apples.
Well, that's some apples for the health benefits that need to be known. By knowing the properties of fruits can be our guide in preparing a proper diet when he is suffering from an illness.

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