Traditional medicine is difficult to sleep or insomnia

traditional medicine or insomniaInsomnia insomnia or disturbed sleep is a disease due to psychological problems of the patient. Stress, many minds, the workload, the burden of life could be the trigger factor. Obvious means to avoid it you should rilexs, calm, and peace of mind.
Insomnia This is one factor that makes you less to enjoy life, because obviously the night restless sleep, awake but not calm. Daytime sleepiness, and you may be one of disruption in your business menjalai. So immediately treat your insomnia penyaTkit with traditional medicine for your insomnia.
With traditional medicine, in performing the treatment is clearly more powerful, SAFE, and very cheap. Moreover, you can create your own recipes of traditional medicine is difficult to sleep. Here's a recipe to overcome your insomnia problem:Traditional medicine insomnia # 1:

* 1 ripe banana (cut into pieces),
* Oats (oatmeal is a kind of whole grain cereal, or plain also called oat meal), mix to taste,
* 1 cup of milk boiled briefly (with oatmeal and bananas)
* After a rather cold, eaten.
Traditional medicine insomnia # 2:

* 60 grams of peeled cactus that has been cut into pieces and then boiled with 600 cc of water to the remaining 300 cc. After that, water is drunk while warm.
* Note:
To treat insomnia you please do the treatment. Do both, just select the first treatment course, if the first is less powerful for you. You can use the other treatments. Hopefully healthy ...
Previously there ya tips to avoid and reduce your insomnia.

Regular exercise.
Avoid eating and drinking too much before bed.
Sleep in a comfortable environment.
Reduce consumption of drinks are stimulants that keep you awake or as tea, coffee, alcohol and cigarettes.
Makananlah snacks that contain fewer carbohydrates before bed, if available, add a glass of warm milk.
Wash with warm water 30 minutes or an hour before bedtime.
Stop watching TV, reading books, at least an hour before bedtime.
Use your bed for sleeping.
Perform regular relaxation activities.
Clear your mind.
Sleep and wake up in a period of regular time each day.
May be useful and get-well of your insomnia. Do not forget to try traditional medicine insomnia above.

Red Fort Defense Body

Remember Independence Day? The film, starring Will Smith was about an alien invasion is about to destroy the human race on earth. In fact do not need to attack humans alien army. Every day of free radical substances lurk health of millions of people. Antioxidants contained in red fruit potent dispel the dangerous substances.
Papuans empirical experience provides strong evidence that the red fruit is very good for increasing stamina. That's thanks to the active role of the antioxidant beta-carotene, tocopherol, and vitamin C contained in Pandanus conoideus. Source of antioxidants is not only a monopoly of red fruit. Antioxidants can also be obtained through the daily consumption of fruits and vegetables. However, the antioxidant content of red fruits are superior to fruits and vegetables.
Red fruits contain beta-carotene three times higher than carrots. In fact, carrot is a vegetable with the highest levels of beta-carotene. Pandanaceae family members also contain alpha-tocopherol approximately 12-25 times higher than the avocado and spinach are the highest content of alpha-tokoferolnya in the fruit and vegetables. In addition to the vitamins in fruits of red 100% absorbable. Compare with vitamins from fruits and vegetables is only 40%.
Free radicalsThat's good news for Aryo, researchers in government agencies who have chronic cough. The intensity of the cough gets worse at night the day that it interferes with the break. 34-year-old man who is always in contact with chemicals that doctors diagnosed lung disorder caused by exposure to substances senobiotik (foreign) dangerous. He was given medication by a doctor immediately suppress cough. However, once the medicine runs out, cough recur.
Aryo finally tried to take some kind of herbs that he bought from sinse. The same money, the cough remains stubborn. That's when a friend suggested to take the red fruit oil. After 10 days of consumption, the cough gradually subsided. Now he is free from the pain that's annoying.
Besides Aryo, many professions are exposed to substances susceptible senobiotik. For example, factory workers, hospital staff, pharmacists, miners, mechanics, and traffic officers. Those familiar with the various forms of hazardous substances senobiotik, triggers a variety of degenerative diseases such as cancer, heart disease, and diabetes. Foreign substances can be hazardous chemicals, air pollution, and exposure to pathogenic microorganisms-bacteria, fungi, and viruses.
Senobiotik harmful substances that accumulate and lodged in the body making the body's cells undergo oxidative stress. As a result, decreased immune system and susceptible to disease. Efforts to minimize the risk of exposure to free radicals was not done. Starting from the use of protective masks, reducing and avoiding sources of pollution, consumption of fresh milk to detoxifying the body.
However, these efforts are less effective. The proof, the case workers who are sick due to poor working environments are still emerging. In 2006 the World Health Organization (WHO) reported 12-million people per year die from chronic lung disease. The fact that once seated chronic lung disease as a rank-six deaths due to environmental factors.
Free radicals are reactive oxygen compounds that can attack and damage lipids, proteins, and DNA. Many scientific research indicates oxidative damage from free radicals play a role in the pathogenesis of degenerative diseases. Among these cancers, diabetes, heart problems, high blood pressure, stroke, lung, periodontitis (inflammation of the connective tissue supporting the tooth root), accelerated aging, Parkinson's and Alzheimer's disease (progressive neurodegenerative disorders) shadowing workers.
AntioxidantsCertain organs in our body more susceptible to oxidative damage than other organs. For example, the brain is extremely sensitive to oxidative damage because kandunganasam-fatty acids are easily oxidized, very high, the use of oxygen in large quantities, and low levels of antioxidants. There are many scientific research that indicates these diseases can be prevented and even treated with antioxidants. That explains why the red-fruit rich in antioxidants tocopherol (vitamin E), beta-carotene (pro-vitamin A), and vitamin C may help boost immunity.
The results Yudhi et Handoko of Maranatha Christian University School of Medicine, London, in 2006, strengthening the evidence of the efficacy of red fruit to enhance the immune system effectively. They show a red fruit extracts contain compounds that function as macrofag activating factor (MAF). MAF is a compound that can activate macrophages function as the body's defense cells. Macrofay antigen takes the form of bacteria, viruses, or toxins.
Nutritionists estimate the daily requirement of vitamin A with beta-carotene intake of 4.5 mg, while the daily requirement of alpha-tocopherol ranged from 2.6 to 15.4 mg, and vitamin C ranges from 500-2000 mg / day. These needs can be met through daily consumption of fruits and vegetables and red fruit consumption of 1-2 tablespoons per day. (Ir Dr M. Ahkam Subroto, MappSc., LIPI lead investigator, Cibinong Science Center)

TEMPE, nutritious food unhealthy?

Anyone know if tempeh is a soy foods as nutritious as raw materials contain many important nutrients for the body's metabolism. Soy is a popular food in Indonesia because many traditional food products made from soy, such as tempeh, tofu, and soy sauce. Soybeans are a source of protein, molybdenum, iron, calcium, phosphorus, fiber, vitamin B1, B2, B6, E and folic acid.
Soybeans also contain active compounds which are very good for health, such as phytosterols, lecithin, isoflavones, phytoestrogens and protease inhibitors. These compounds are very good for our health, among others, enhance immune function, prevent cancer, lower cholesterol, improve heart function and bladder, a variety of neurological disorders, Alzheimer disease, Parkinson's disease, reduce symptoms of PMS (premenstrual syndrome) and osteoporosis . Specific isoflavone compounds are very good for preventing breast cancer and colon.However, little is know that nutritious foods like tempeh are not automatically healthy. This is particularly true when we refer to the concept of "Real Food" (healthy food) that is growing in developed countries like the U.S., Japan, Australia and European countries.
Real food is food that meets the following criteria: 1). Contains nutrients essential for the metabolism of the body, 2). Does not contain hazardous components, toxic, or not useful to the body, 3). Organically produced, 4). Produced locally, 5). Produced in a sustainable (sustainable), 6). Affordable for most people (affordable), 7). Easily available (accessible), 8). Undergo a process of processing a minimum, 9). Environmentally friendly, and 10). In favor of the local farmers.
Tempe, including real food when soy is used as raw materials are organically grown soybeans. If the raw materials derived from GM soya (genetically modified) or soybeans grown with chemical fertilizers and chemical pesticides, tempeh is no longer able to be categorized into real food. Why? Although transgenic soybeans have a nutritional value equal or even higher than organic soybeans, there are security issues. It may be that in the long run these foods actually have adverse health effects. Soybeans grown with chemical fertilizers and pesticides also contain residues of pesticides that are harmful to human health and degrade the quality of the environment. In addition, transgenic soybean is economically more profitable multi-national companies, not the benefit of farmers. The farmers even harmed because it must rely on the supply of soybean seeds in large companies. When the organic soybean imports as well but still not including real food because it does not favor or side with the local farmers in accordance with the concept of real food.
Of the 10 characteristics on the Real Food, tempeh in Indonesia currently only meets 4poin course, is no. 1, 6, 7, 8 so that the concept of Real Food tempe still can not be regarded as healthy foods. Even some time ago tempe was scarce and the price went up so affordable and accessible criteria also had not met.Well, to maintain the designation of Indonesia as a "nation tempe", it is still a lot of homework to be done well, involving the entire nation, not just governments, but also required the participation of business people, researchers and consumers. Currently the government is trying hard to maintain cheap and easily available criteria by providing tax relief for short-term imports of soybeans and soybean efforts to increase the land area in the country and to increase local soybean productivity for medium and long term. The researchers also have much to offer solutions, primarily related to the use of soybean varieties with high productivity and the substitution of soybean as a raw material with other materials such as black beans, lentils and lupins. Live business people and consumers are still required to meet the other criteria.
In terms of processing, the food business and tempe home mothers are required to process them correctly. Tempe is best disayur or fried, not baked. Use the new oil, not cooking. Fried tempeh is sold on the street most unhealthy because it uses recycled oil. For the recycling of oil contained trans fatty acids heating carcinogenic (cause cancer).
Application of organic farming to be a necessary condition for real food. In many studies have shown that organic food is more healthful than non-organic materials. Food should also be widely accessible, otherwise there will be some people who can not enjoy the chance to be healthy from the food. It should also be cheap. If the tempe expensive so it is not affordable, most people will lose the opportunity to get a nutritious food and healthy. In other cases, if the raw materials imported soybean suddenly stopped (embargo) by the manufacturer in the LN, we will experience food security problems. Tempeh is edges are on the market and those who rely heavily on soybean as a source of nutritious food will be trouble and eventually get sick because they can not eat tempeh again.
By applying the concept of real food, tempeh which is believed to be more healthful healthy again. Not only healthy for human consumption, but healthy for the environment and healthy for the economy of local business community (soybean farmers, craftsmen tempeh) and the state. So, we are lucky, lucky people.Of course the concept of real food does not just apply to Tempe, but for the entire food groups such as rice, vegetables, fruit, meat, fish, eggs, milk and other dairy products. For food derived from animals like meat, real food requires another, the animal should be bred with peri-zoological principles. Has been scientifically proven that meat derived from cattle that "happy" (grazing on grass area) is much more healthful than beef from cattle that the stress of caged in a small room and are fed grain (meat of this kind raises a lot of health problems such as high cholesterol, stroke, heart disease and cancer). Real food instead of meat is very good for these diseases.

Traditional Medicine To Cure High Cholesterol

Cholesterol is often regarded as the cause of many deadly diseases such as coronary heart disease and stroke. This can happen when a high concentration of cholesterol in the blood called hypercholesterolemia. Therefore, in order to cholesterol did not trigger the disease must be controlled so that the levels are not excessive. Cholesterol is a fatty substance such as wax and creamy. Most of the needs of the body in the production of cholesterol by the liver. Cholesterol is not necessarily a bad thing megakibatkan in the body. only if the levels are already excessive, you should immediately do the handling. You can use traditional medicine to treat high cholesterol that you suffered in the body.
Traditional Medicine To Cure Tinggi.Di cholesterol in the body, cholesterol has an important function required in a variety of metabolic processes, such as for the material forming the cell wall, formation of hormones such as sex hormones, nerve tissue wrapping, which makes vitamin D essential for bone health, the material forming acids and bile salts to emulsify fats which serves also for the development of brain cells in children. Thus in normal cholesterol levels has many benefits, but it would be a matter for the body if the levels are excessive. It is therefore very important for you to continue to keep cholesterol levels in the body to keep it stable so as not to endanger your health. One way you can take to lower cholesterol is with a traditional medicine to treat high cholesterol, your cholesterol to normal soon.
Plants that are efficacious lowering high cholesterol levels have a mechanism such as the following: stimulating the secretion of bile so that cholesterol will come out with the bile into the intestines and then discarded. Merangsangsang blood circulation thereby reducing the deposition of fat in blood vessels.
Some types of medicinal plants that can be used to help overcome high cholesterol include:1.Daun Salam (Syzigium polyanthum Walp.)2.Buah Noni (Morinda citrifolia L.)3.Bawang White (Allium sativum L.)4.Bawang Bombay & Onion (Allium cepa L.)5.Temu comedy (Curcuma xanthorrhiza)6.Kunyit (Curcuma Longa L.)7.Jamur black ear (Auricularia sp.)8.Rumput Sea (Laminaria japonica)9.Terung Purple (Solanum melongena)10.Daun Gods (Gynura segetum [Lour] Merr.)Connect 11.Daun Lives (Gynura procumbens Back.)12.Daun guava (Psidium guajava)13.Daun Ceremai (Phyllanthus acidus)14.Kulit peanut pods
Here are some examples of herbs prescription drugs for lowering high cholesterol:Recipe 1.15 + 2 bay leaves are ripe noni fruit (cut up), washed and boiled with 600 cc of water to the remaining 200 cc, filtered, water is taken.
Recipe 2.30 grams meeting buffoonery (peeled and sliced) + 15 grams of leaves of the gods, all materials are washed and boiled with 600 cc of water to the remaining 200 cc, filtered, water is taken.
Recipe 3.2-3 cloves of crushed garlic, brewed with 150 cc of hot water, then drink.
Recipe 4.Guava leaves 10 + 30 grams of leaves ceremai, all material is washed and boiled with 600 cc of water until the remaining 300 cc, water is taken to 2 times a day, every time 150 cc.
Note:- Select a recipe and do regularly 2 times a day.- To use the boiling pot soil, enamel pot or glass pot.
Food terapy (Cuisine to help lower cholesterol)- Steamed eggplant purple, given the sauce and then eaten. Do it every day- 15-30 grams of black mushroom soup cooked with other ingredients, and then eaten.
High levels of cholesterol in the body that are affected by the food you consume each day, so important to pay attention to the type of food you consume that cholesterol was still within normal limits. You can consume a traditional medicine to treat high cholesterol on a regular basis so that your cholesterol level down immediately

Urinary Stones Traditional Medicine

Urinary stone disease is one of the dangerous kind, because this disease is suffering from pain during urination. Of the operation goes to the hospital which cost is high enough it would be a good idea to try traditional prescription bladder stones below, who knows the recipe that we provide can help you cope with urinary stone disease you are suffering.
Drinking water which contains calcium is often a cause of urinary stone disease. In addition, the disease can also result from bad habits that we should not do, namely keep feeling to urinate. When we do this often, then the impurities contained in the bladder will eventually settle and harden or crystallize into stones that can block the path of urine. Thus it immediately to treat it with traditional herbs well-known bladder stones cheap and nutritious.
Here are some recipes of traditional medicine for kidney stone and you can make your consumption, namely:
Recipe 1Take corn as much as 100 grams, 200 grams remujung leaf, mulberry 150 g, and leaves meniran as many as 100 gr. All the ingredients are boiled, and the water used for drinking, drink potion 1 time a day. Do it by drinking a potion of treatment until a few weeks, after which hopefully will be back smoothly urine.
Recipe 2Provide Attack leaves that have been finely ground rock as much as 25 grams, then leaves sendokan much as 50 ounces and leaves posor (graptopylium) as much as 25 gr. These traditional ingredients and boil until the water is boiling when it is cold drink, do it every day
Recipe 3Take a green coconut and egg kampong chicken. Punch a hole through the top of the coconut fruit. Put the chicken eggs that have been whipped into the oil hole.Once mixed with the average then taken. Use this recipe every day in order to interfere with urinary tract stones to be crushed.
Recipe 4Take 20 leaves of cat's whiskers, mashed and squeezed until the water can be taken as many as half a glass. Drink every morning. God willing, within one week of illness was cured of bladder stones.
5 recipesProvide a shard of glass leaves that have been finely ground as much as 25 grams, 25 grams total ngokilo leaves, leaves as much as 25 grams of cat whiskers and leaves are removed by akaranya meniran as much as 25 gr. All the ingredients are boiled, then drink the water. Do regularly every day for five consecutive days, 3-4 days and then stop, then repeat again like the first way.
Thus the traditional medicine that is able to cope with urinary stone disease kidney stone, we always keep the message of health with emphasis on drinking water. Eat herbs on a regular basis, and God willing, you can see for yourself the results.

Traditional medicine in the heat

Heat in the often happen to anyone, especially for those of you who like spicy food, drink less, and rarely eat fruit. the point is you are deficient in vitamin C. Symptoms ranging from cracked lips, bad swallowing, bad breath, etc.. These symptoms cause you to be very uncomfortable not feeling well at dinner, even though the food was as good as any. Mulit smell also makes you not trust myself to talk to others. Then immediately heat in your medicine from traditional materials are cheap and easy to manufacture. Here we provide information about traditional medicine in the heat.
To treat heat there are many alternative choices in the use of traditional materials, ranging from young coconut, aloe vera, chicken eggs, kencur, etc..Traditional medicine in the heat
Young coconut, one of the favorite drinks hot when it could be to treat your heartburn.

* It's easy mix of coconut water 1 pc coconut water with 3 tablespoons of pure honey, taken once a day. 2-3 days in the heat in so relieved.
Chicken eggs, chicken eggs used are chicken eggs.

* Combine chicken egg with one tablespoon of honey and a little turmeric juice, drink in one gulp, adequate rest.
Powder, in addition to the heat in kencur also efficacious for treating coughs.

* Kencur thumb
* Kencur then washed until finely grated
* Give a little warm water and honey
* Drink 2x a day.
Well here is the last information about traditional medicine that is easy to get and easy for you though.
So my first post about the heat in traditional medicine. Salam healthy and hopefully useful .. : DTrica juice
Trica Proven juice can cure chronic disease of drug addiction are also medical. Useful also as a natural aphrodisiac.Breast cancer drug
You have breast cancer or have relatives affected by breast cancer? We are expert in herbal medicine that we have.
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Efficacy Pharmacy Living Aloe vera

Aloe Vera is a thorny plant that originated from the arid regions on the African continent. Benefits of aloe vera which has efficacy for treating various diseases. Eg sore throat, ulcers, hair loss, hemorrhoids, bruises and skin, chapped and lecet.Tanaman aloe vera has a beautiful physical form, no one if more people planted as an ornamental plant penyemarak park. Aloe vera is now increasingly popular, not only for health and beauty benefits of continued investigation. Gel or the meat of the leaf midrib was also delicious to eat.
History of Aloe Vera
According to some sources, aloe vera (Aloe vera L) was first discovered in 1500 BC. More than 200 species spread throughout the hemisphere, ranging from the African continent is dry and barren land to tropical Asia. These plants are easy to grow, with mixed media berhumus sand soil, adequate sunlight and good drainage, the aloe vera can flourish.
Liliaceae plants of this tribe had been in use since man first. Some mention of historical evidence, Arabs, Greeks, Romans, India and China have used as a medicinal raw materials of various diseases. It is said that Cleopatra was using this plant to treat kecantikanya.
Healers Various DiseasesIn the modern medicine, aloe vera began to rise when an American citizen in 1940 discovered the benefits of aloe vera gel. He said of aloe vera gel can protect the skin from the sun.
Slowing the HIV Virus WorkThe investigators from outside find the benefits of aloe vera gel can serve as the body's defense system. It is estimated these substances can inhibit the HIV virus or stimulate the immune system of patients with AIDS work.Improve the digestive systemAccording to experts from IPB Ir Sutrisno Koswara, taking aloe vera can help the digestive system, is due to the benefits of Aloemoedin and Aloebarbadiod substances, including compounds of anthraquinone groups.
Natural antiseptics and antibioticsSaponin content in aloe vera has the ability to kill germs and anthraquinone compounds can relieve pain and antibiotics. This substance is also able to stimulate formation of new cells in the skin.
Protect skin from dehydrationLignin content in the gel can protect the skin from dehydration and keep the humidity. This substance is used by cosmetics manufacturers for a variety of skin care and beauty products.Delicious Healthy Foods
The many benefits of aloe vera food manufacturers interested in making the process as raw material for food. As evidenced by the variety of food products from the aloe vera on the market. Starting from the sale of fresh, made candy, juice, aloe vera gel powder up.
If we want to be creative, aloe vera is actually delicious meat to serve a variety of food. Chewy texture with a refreshing taste, ideal for salad mix, stir, juice and sweets.If you will cultivate aloe vera, the following tips to reduce the unpleasant smell, taste bitter and the mucus:• Choose a thick fleshy aloe vera. Peel the skin a little thicker so the remaining fruit flesh is translucent white in color. Cut into smaller shapes. Soak in boiled water that has been coupled with a 0.025% 0.025% salt and citric acid. Let stand for 2 hours, wash and drain.• Another way: Once peeled, washed and knead aloe vera chunks of meat in salt water. after the mucus is gone, soak it in water or alum whiting in order to obtain a more solid gel texture and chewy. Wash clean and ready to use gel.

Efficacy Cucumber, Natural Medicine Benefits Rich

Cucumber or cucumber has a scientific name Cucumis sativus. Containing 0.65% protein, 0.1% fat and carbohydrates as much as 2.2%. It also contains calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, vitamin A, vitamin B1, vitamin B2 and vitamin C. Cucumber seeds themselves contain toxic alkoloid hipoxanti type, which is used to treat children suffering from intestinal worms.
Cucumber fruit containing silicon, fluorine, and potassium, and conversely, low in calories, so as to help stimulate the kidneys to remove waste products and fatty deposits in the body. Easy way to get this benefit, namely by consuming fruit juice fresh cucumber. Do it every day, until the gastric fluid used to receiving cucumber.Aside from being a kidney cleanser, cucumber has many other benefits. A fresh cucumber fruit, generally contain 0.65% protein, 0.1% fat, and 2.2% carbohydrate. In addition cucumbers also contain other beneficial substances, such as calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, vitamin A, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, and vitamin C.Cucumber seeds known to contain toxic alkaloids that can treat hipoxanti type worms. Cucumber seeds are also believed to relieve sore throat, cough due to be followed by loss of voice. Way, simply by mixing the seeds with a little salt and cucumber dikumur several times a day.
Cucumbers can also be used to compress the time you or your child's fever. No need to add ice, because the fruit gives a sense of cool cucumber is needed to cool a hot body due to fever.
Fresh cucumber juice and useful for health, can also treat the skin from scabies. No wonder that serve as a cucumber face mask, because in addition to moisturizing, cucumber helps your skin soft and smooth.
Here are some tips you can do to get the properties of cucumber:A. Reducing high blood pressureTwo washed fresh cucumber, and shredded. Results parutannya squeezed and strained, and drunk all at once. Do it 2-3 times a day.2. Treating canker soresEating raw cucumber fruit as a snack, do it regularly every day.3. Overcome swelling around the eyesEyes swollen from sleep too late or eye fatigue caused by working at the computer too long. How, thinly sliced ​​cucumber and put it in both eyes, do while lying down for 15 minutes. Then rinse.4. Kidney cleanseWashed and shredded fresh cucumber. Results parutannya squeezed and filtered. Drink water little by little until the gastric fluid used to receiving cucumber.5. FeverCucumbers taste washed, and shredded. Results parutannya placed on the abdomen.6. PimpleCucumber fruits are washed and sliced. cucumber slices placed and rubbed on the skin with acne. Do it every day.

The leaves of plants Spoon For Alternative Medicine

Spoon leaves a weed in the tea plantations of rubber dna, or growing wild in the woods, fields, and lawns are a little damp, sometimes planted in a pot as a medicinal plant. This plant comes from the plains of Asia and Europe, can be found from the lowlands to an altitude of 3300 meters above sea level. Single leaf, long-stemmed, arranged in a rosette roots. Round egg shape to lanceolate leaves broad, flat or jagged edges rough irregular, smooth or slightly hairy, pertulangan curved, 5-10 cm long, 4-9 cm wide, green color. Compound inflorescence composed in small grains - small, white color. Fruit oblong or ovoid, containing 2-4 seeds are black and wrinkled. Young leaves can be cooked as a vegetable. Propagation by seed.

Region Name
Ki Vein, Ceuli, Ceuli uncal (Sunda), Meloh Kiloh, Muscle - ototan, sangkabuah, sangkabuah, sangkuah, Blumea muscle, suri Pandak (Java), leaf veins, leaf veins, leaf scoop, tail wind, deer ears ( Sumatra), Torongoat (Minahasa), Che Qian Cao (China), Ma De, Xa Tien (Vietnam), Weegbree (Netherlands), Plantain, Greater Plantain, Broadleaf Plantain, Rat's Tail Plantain, WayBread, White Man's Foot (English).
Part Used
Herbs, seeds, roots. Seeds were collected after being cooked and then roasted or cooked in salted water.
Disorders of the urinary tract.
Gallstones, kidney stones.
Inflammation of the prostate (prostatitis).
Influenza, fever, whooping cough (pertussis), inflammation of the airways (bronchitis). Diarrhea, dysentery, stomach pain.
Red eye inflammation (konjungtivistis), explains the blurred vision.
Diabetes mellitus (DM).
Acute hepatitis with jaundice (acute hepatitis jaundice)
Worms, insect bites, and
Bleeding such as nosebleeds, coughing up blood.
Whitish (leukore).
Muscle pain.
Gastrointestinal disorders in children (dyspepsia)
Lust stimulant (aphrodisiac), semen beser (spermatorea)
Urinary pain (dysuria), difficult kencin, feeling the belly of the bottom epnuh
Diarrhea, dysentery
Blurred vision
Red eyes, swelling and pain due to heat in the liver.
Cough with phlegm and feels much
Give, give, high blood pressure (hypertension)
Jaundice (jaundice)
How to use
as much as 10-15 grasm dried herbs, fresh or boiled as much as 15-30 grams, then drink the water. Fresh herbs can also be crushed and then pressed and filtered for drinking water. For external use only, and affixed a thin fresh herbs on the wound bled, scalded, or boils, and then bandaged.
Launched a piss
a. daunsendok fresh herbs as much as 6 ounces of washed add rock sugar to taste. The material is boiled until the water boiled the remaining half. Drink tea and spend the day.
b. tablespoon fresh herb leaves washed and pounded until blended squeeze and strain accumulated up to ½ cup water. Add 1 tablespoon of honey and drink as well.

Bloody urine
heba tablespoons of fresh leaves washed and finely ground. Squeeze and strain through a glass collected. Drink before dinner.
Heat dysentery
spoon leaf herb washed and finely ground. Squeeze and strain through a glass collected. add 2 tablespoons honey, stirring evenly. The juice is then steamed for a while. While drunk while warm.

Basilar dysentery, diarrhea
tablespoon of fresh herb leaves 30gram after washed and boiled with 2 cups water to the remaining 1 cup boiled water. After chilling filtered, water is taken two times a day, each ½ cup.

Tablespoons of fresh leaves as much as 15 grams of washed and crushed. Pour boiling hot water. After cold pressed and filtered, then drink as well.

Congested cough, coughing up blood
Tablespoon fresh herb leaves as much as 60 grams of washed and added water until submerged and 30 grams of sugar cubes. Steamed until boiling for 15 minutes. Drink while warm.
This herb is sweet and cool as well and eliminate hunger. Seeds are sweet, cool, go meridian kidney, liver, intestine and lung. Chemical Ingredients: This herb contains plantagin, aukubin, asamursolik, beta-tosterol, n-hentriakontan, and plantaglusidem consisting of methyl D-galakturonat, D-galactose, L-arabinose and L-rhammosa. Also contains tannin, potassium and vitamins (B1, C, A)