Traditional medicine in the heat

Heat in the often happen to anyone, especially for those of you who like spicy food, drink less, and rarely eat fruit. the point is you are deficient in vitamin C. Symptoms ranging from cracked lips, bad swallowing, bad breath, etc.. These symptoms cause you to be very uncomfortable not feeling well at dinner, even though the food was as good as any. Mulit smell also makes you not trust myself to talk to others. Then immediately heat in your medicine from traditional materials are cheap and easy to manufacture. Here we provide information about traditional medicine in the heat.
To treat heat there are many alternative choices in the use of traditional materials, ranging from young coconut, aloe vera, chicken eggs, kencur, etc..Traditional medicine in the heat
Young coconut, one of the favorite drinks hot when it could be to treat your heartburn.

* It's easy mix of coconut water 1 pc coconut water with 3 tablespoons of pure honey, taken once a day. 2-3 days in the heat in so relieved.
Chicken eggs, chicken eggs used are chicken eggs.

* Combine chicken egg with one tablespoon of honey and a little turmeric juice, drink in one gulp, adequate rest.
Powder, in addition to the heat in kencur also efficacious for treating coughs.

* Kencur thumb
* Kencur then washed until finely grated
* Give a little warm water and honey
* Drink 2x a day.
Well here is the last information about traditional medicine that is easy to get and easy for you though.
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