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Aloe Vera is a thorny plant that originated from the arid regions on the African continent. Benefits of aloe vera which has efficacy for treating various diseases. Eg sore throat, ulcers, hair loss, hemorrhoids, bruises and skin, chapped and lecet.Tanaman aloe vera has a beautiful physical form, no one if more people planted as an ornamental plant penyemarak park. Aloe vera is now increasingly popular, not only for health and beauty benefits of continued investigation. Gel or the meat of the leaf midrib was also delicious to eat.
History of Aloe Vera
According to some sources, aloe vera (Aloe vera L) was first discovered in 1500 BC. More than 200 species spread throughout the hemisphere, ranging from the African continent is dry and barren land to tropical Asia. These plants are easy to grow, with mixed media berhumus sand soil, adequate sunlight and good drainage, the aloe vera can flourish.
Liliaceae plants of this tribe had been in use since man first. Some mention of historical evidence, Arabs, Greeks, Romans, India and China have used as a medicinal raw materials of various diseases. It is said that Cleopatra was using this plant to treat kecantikanya.
Healers Various DiseasesIn the modern medicine, aloe vera began to rise when an American citizen in 1940 discovered the benefits of aloe vera gel. He said of aloe vera gel can protect the skin from the sun.
Slowing the HIV Virus WorkThe investigators from outside find the benefits of aloe vera gel can serve as the body's defense system. It is estimated these substances can inhibit the HIV virus or stimulate the immune system of patients with AIDS work.Improve the digestive systemAccording to experts from IPB Ir Sutrisno Koswara, taking aloe vera can help the digestive system, is due to the benefits of Aloemoedin and Aloebarbadiod substances, including compounds of anthraquinone groups.
Natural antiseptics and antibioticsSaponin content in aloe vera has the ability to kill germs and anthraquinone compounds can relieve pain and antibiotics. This substance is also able to stimulate formation of new cells in the skin.
Protect skin from dehydrationLignin content in the gel can protect the skin from dehydration and keep the humidity. This substance is used by cosmetics manufacturers for a variety of skin care and beauty products.Delicious Healthy Foods
The many benefits of aloe vera food manufacturers interested in making the process as raw material for food. As evidenced by the variety of food products from the aloe vera on the market. Starting from the sale of fresh, made candy, juice, aloe vera gel powder up.
If we want to be creative, aloe vera is actually delicious meat to serve a variety of food. Chewy texture with a refreshing taste, ideal for salad mix, stir, juice and sweets.If you will cultivate aloe vera, the following tips to reduce the unpleasant smell, taste bitter and the mucus:• Choose a thick fleshy aloe vera. Peel the skin a little thicker so the remaining fruit flesh is translucent white in color. Cut into smaller shapes. Soak in boiled water that has been coupled with a 0.025% 0.025% salt and citric acid. Let stand for 2 hours, wash and drain.• Another way: Once peeled, washed and knead aloe vera chunks of meat in salt water. after the mucus is gone, soak it in water or alum whiting in order to obtain a more solid gel texture and chewy. Wash clean and ready to use gel.

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