Urinary Stones Traditional Medicine

Urinary stone disease is one of the dangerous kind, because this disease is suffering from pain during urination. Of the operation goes to the hospital which cost is high enough it would be a good idea to try traditional prescription bladder stones below, who knows the recipe that we provide can help you cope with urinary stone disease you are suffering.
Drinking water which contains calcium is often a cause of urinary stone disease. In addition, the disease can also result from bad habits that we should not do, namely keep feeling to urinate. When we do this often, then the impurities contained in the bladder will eventually settle and harden or crystallize into stones that can block the path of urine. Thus it immediately to treat it with traditional herbs well-known bladder stones cheap and nutritious.
Here are some recipes of traditional medicine for kidney stone and you can make your consumption, namely:
Recipe 1Take corn as much as 100 grams, 200 grams remujung leaf, mulberry 150 g, and leaves meniran as many as 100 gr. All the ingredients are boiled, and the water used for drinking, drink potion 1 time a day. Do it by drinking a potion of treatment until a few weeks, after which hopefully will be back smoothly urine.
Recipe 2Provide Attack leaves that have been finely ground rock as much as 25 grams, then leaves sendokan much as 50 ounces and leaves posor (graptopylium) as much as 25 gr. These traditional ingredients and boil until the water is boiling when it is cold drink, do it every day
Recipe 3Take a green coconut and egg kampong chicken. Punch a hole through the top of the coconut fruit. Put the chicken eggs that have been whipped into the oil hole.Once mixed with the average then taken. Use this recipe every day in order to interfere with urinary tract stones to be crushed.
Recipe 4Take 20 leaves of cat's whiskers, mashed and squeezed until the water can be taken as many as half a glass. Drink every morning. God willing, within one week of illness was cured of bladder stones.
5 recipesProvide a shard of glass leaves that have been finely ground as much as 25 grams, 25 grams total ngokilo leaves, leaves as much as 25 grams of cat whiskers and leaves are removed by akaranya meniran as much as 25 gr. All the ingredients are boiled, then drink the water. Do regularly every day for five consecutive days, 3-4 days and then stop, then repeat again like the first way.
Thus the traditional medicine that is able to cope with urinary stone disease kidney stone, we always keep the message of health with emphasis on drinking water. Eat herbs on a regular basis, and God willing, you can see for yourself the results.

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