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The herbs in Indonesia proven to prevent and treat cancer . Although the need to further research and development , a number of crops such as saffron white , periwinkle , god leaves until the parasite has been used as an endeavor to cure the cancer disease . Many who survived that traditional medicine had become the foundation of a new hope for cancer patients .


Society has long been familiar with two types namely white turmeric turmeric turmeric white or white gombyok pepet . Turmeric is useful for diarrhea and dysentery therapy alone , as it is written in the book by Prof. Indonesian Original Drug . Dr. . Seno Sastroamijoyo , the second type is the type of white turmeric -scented mango , namely Curcuma Curcuma zedoaria & Mango . Both are useful to cure cancer and tumors .

From the research Minyi Chan et al in his book Anti- Cancer Medical Herbs , turns Curcuma zedoaria have higher effectiveness to treat cancer and tumors . According to the American Institute of Cancer research Report ( New York Time ) June 1, 1999 and also by the expert or Faculty of Pharmacy and Biotechnology PAU PPOT UGM in white turmeric contains :

1 . RIP ( ribosome inacting Protein ) function :

a. Being able to disable the growth of cancer cells .

b . Able to shed cancer cells without damaging the surrounding tissue .

c . Block the growth of cancer cells .

2 . Antioxidant substances , preventing damage to the gene .
3 . Curcumin antibodies , as anti- inflammatory ( anti- inflammatory ) .

Curcuma Curcuma Zeodaria combined with Mango can heal :
4 . Cancer : the cervix , breast , liver , lung - lung , leukemia , brain and other diseases related to cancer and tumors .

5 . Inflammation in : ulcers , hemorrhoids , sore throat , inflammation of the liver , bronchitis , tonsillitis , painful menstruation , vaginal discharge , acne or boils , diabetes , asthma .

6 . Other benefits , Anti -fat : high blood pressure , stroke , heart , uric acid , cholesterol lowering .

Recommended dosage :
Non- sugar Turmeric : 1 teaspoon pressed ½ cup brewed with hot water ( 100 cc ) is then deposited and drunk only water .

Prevention : 1 times a day , taken before bedtime .

Treatment : 3 times a day ( morning , afternoon , and evening ) .

This white turmeric has certain characteristics , among other spots ginger bulbs and tubers such as light yellow ( beige ) . In the fresh state it smells like mango kweni and when it has extracted or used as powder , the color remains yellow ( beige ) .

Dr. infallible explain the efficacy of white turmeric against cancer cells is still limited research in vitro ( laboratory ) and has not yet reached clinical trials . However, white turmeric has been widely used as an alternative medicine for cancer .

In vitro studies performed by test bioaktivasi . Cancer cells grown in the laboratory and after being given a certain concentration of white turmeric cancer cells become dead . Additionally it also found that the activity of white turmeric in cancer cell death is better than the plant Mahkota Dewa .

In the last year had conducted a study of cancer patients in a cancer hospital in Indonesia , approximately 30-40 percent of cancer patients are given herbal medicine with white turmeric combined with medical treatment such as chemotherapy or other cancer treatment .

Having given this combination therapy , many patients who said that he felt there was improvement in his health condition . The testing phase is included in the clinical testimony .

Vinca leaves for breast cancer drugs :
While the rosy periwinkle ( Catharanthus roseus ) has been tested as a preventive and destroyer cancer cells . Plants that still belongs to the family Apocynaceae or frangipani - kambojaan contains two classes of compounds vinca alkaloids vincristine and vinblastine which are efficacious inhibit the multiplication and spread of cancer cells .

Vincristine is used as a treatment of bronchial cancer , malignant tumor of the kidney , breast cancer , and various types of malignant tumors that initially attacks the nerves and muscles . Plant the grass in Sumatra called bitch cabtharanthin it also contains alkaloids which can be urged and expected to dissolve the cancer cell nucleus .

22 boiled periwinkle leaves and fruits of fennel ( Foeniculum vulgare ) and bark pulasari ( Alyxia reinwardti ) with three glasses of water . Bubuhi brown sugar to taste . After boiling up in half , strain . The herb is taken three times a day half a cup each . Treatment is done for at least a month .

rodent tuber
Rodent tuber ( Typhonium Flagelliforme / Rodent Tuber ) has also been studied as a medicinal plant that can stop and treat various cancers .
To inhibit the growth of cancer cells , three rat rod complete with taro leaves ( about 50 g) was soaked for 30 minutes , finely crushed and squeezed . This juice is filtered and drunk .

In Malaysia , there have been scientific tests the efficacy of taro mice . Even rodent tuber extract in pill and tea powder combined with other crops in certain doses , has been marketed in the neighboring country .

Intersection buffoonery juice ( Curcuma zedoaria ) is also effective as a cancer drug . According to Andrew Chevallier Mnimh , herbalist from London , contained in turmeric curcumol and nutritious curdione anticancer and antitumor . In China , ginger has long been used as a cure cervical cancer . These plants can increase the lethal effect of the cancer cells when performed radiotherapy and chemotherapy .

Noni is also popular as medicinal plants are effective . Meat or pace of noni ( Morinda citrifolia L. ) containing dammacanthel , anticancer agent that is able to resist the growth of abnormal cells in the precancerous stage and can prevent the development of cancer cells . Freshly squeezed juice of two or three noni fruit can be spiked with honey to taste more delicious . Should choose that are not too ripe noni because alcohol formed by fermentation processes that are too ripe noni damage vital substances contained therein .

God leaves ( Gynura divaricata ) is also a plant that has been known as an anticancer plant .
30 grams of fresh leaves of the gods , 20 grams of ginger and white , handsome 30 grams boiled with 600 cc of water until the remaining 300 cc , then filtered and drunk the water can be used in the treatment of cancer . Can also use other materials such as 30 grams of fresh leaves of the gods , 30 grams of fresh vinca , 30 grams of grass pearls , 30 grams of grass snake tongue boiled with 1,000 cc of water until the remaining 500 cc . The water is filtered and then add honey to taste , stir and drink while warm .

Ceremai leaf ( Phyllanthus acidus ) can also be used as an anticancer drug .
Ceremai handful of leaves of young , star fruit leaves pinch , lote upas a finger , a finger chinese yam and palm sugar boiled with three glasses of water to stay a glass . This herb is taken three times a day each glass.

parasite :
While the compounds in the parasite has long been thought to act as an inhibitor of cancer malignancy . Parasites that boiled into a tea can be used as a drug proven support while undergoing chemotherapy ( treatment with anticancer drug taking ) .

For those of you who have not had cancer , stir broccoli , cabbage , cauliflower , carrots , tomatoes and fish meat with a little seasoning salt and garlic , cooking can become rich in anticancer substances . Harvard University study on 48,000 people in 1995 showed the risk of developing prostate cancer for those consuming 10 times the dishes containing tomato per week down to almost half .

Note : For all kinds of herbal medicinal drugs although the brothers should not exceed the recommended dose .


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