Castor Oil: Benefits , Beneficial Uses And Cosmetics

Benefits and beneficial uses of castor oil and cosmetics? This high-quality vegetable oil is extracted from the seeds of the castor plant - of which the largest producer is India - and has excellent properties that allow it to be used in different areas - such as for the use of drugs, perfumes and soaps, to example - including those related to health and beauty. We see, in detail, its benefits and beneficial uses and cosmetics and learn how to use it in everyday life, as a natural remedy of grandmother.


This oil is thick and viscous always considered a natural laxative: for some time in this part, but - because of contraindications due to the presence of ricin, a toxic - is less and less used in this circumstance; even if, at times, its intake is recommended only in small doses. The composition of castor oil comprises fatty acids and triglycerides, which make it suitable as a natural remedy in many cases. Those suffering from constipation can use it because of its - already mentioned - laxative properties: a spoon on an empty stomach, for not more than three days, mixed with a fruit juice or something that helps to cover the taste unpleasant. In addition, some studies have shown the benefits of castor oil in the case of arthritis, such as septic among other: massages on the inflamed or, better yet, wraps to be positioned on the painful for 45 minutes - together with a bag hot water - seem to have positive effects. The latter method can be also valid for combat itching and irritation, immersing cotton in the oil and keeping it on the affected part - with the aid of the film for food - for the entire duration of the night. Castor oil is also a natural antifungal against bacteria and viruses, and thus suitable for those who have problems such as keratosis, acne or ringworm. In any case, when you accuse some of the symptoms and disorders mentioned above, it is always good to consult your doctor to identify the cause and cure most appropriate.

Castor Oil 
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Beneficial uses and cosmetics

In the field of cosmetics, this important vegetable oil can be used in many different ways. Castor oil has properties of softening, regenerating and reinforcing material, for which it is possible to use on the skin to make it smooth and soft and brittle and on the hair dried, via compresses night followed by shampooing morning: is able, in fact, to balance the amount of fat in the hair - preventing them from falling, cracking and the formation of split ends - and soften the hardened skin for various reasons. In addition to this, can be used in the case of warts and wounds to speed healing: in the first case, the warts massaged in a circular way, twice a day, and for about 15 minutes; in the second case, put a gauze impregnated with oil on the affected part for the whole day. Castor oil is also helpful for cleaning the pores and points against blacks and dark circles. Finally, this precious oil is great to enhance and smooth eyebrows, eyelashes and nails: mix it with extra virgin olive oil and apply it using a clean brush or a cotton swab.

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