How To Lose Weight Walking: Program And Calories To Burn

How to lose weight by walking? We see the program and the calories you burn. In fact, the benefits of walking are many, because we can streamline the parts that are most subject to cramming, as the hips and belly, toning the body and increasing metabolism. But there's more, because it is not only to lose weight by walking quickly, but our pace also allows you to gain the benefits that contribute to our general well-being, particularly cardiovascular health and to the benefits to be gained from the mind. But what you have to walk a day to lose weight? Specifically, how to walk? Let's see the details.

makes you lose weight

Walking is very slim, especially if we opt for a walk outdoors, choosing comfortable clothes and appropriate footwear. You can even walk on the carpet, which makes us see the indicators of distance and speed, keeping an eye on the calories and heart rate. Among other things on the table you can also change the inclination and the levels of gait.

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The other benefits of walking

In one way or another, through the walk, we can tone the various muscle groups of the body, both in the lower and upper, improve our cardiovascular capacity, reducing diabetes and cholesterol, we can lose weight, we increase lung capacity and we can eliminate stress, improving the quality of our mood. It 'been proven that even the memory improves walking. Among other exercise outdoors, especially in green areas, is a useful tool to determine the antidepressant effect on our brains. Walking is also essential to recover in terms of mental health.

The beginning of the workout

Walking is a real sport, that's why this exercise must be subject to a specific program. It 'important to start, provide a slight warming. Walking, you should always take care to alternate the brisk pace to a slower one. For example, the first 5 minutes you can play alternating 60 seconds of brisk walking and 60 to more moderate pace. At this point you can go to 40 and 20 seconds of brisk pace slow, proceeding in this way for another 10 minutes.

The continuation of the training

For the next 10 minutes you can perform 30 seconds of fast walking and 30 a moderate pace and then another 5 minutes slowly. Then 5 minutes at the end of stretching by cooling. In this way we can give a chance to our body to get used. Of course at the beginning you should not overdo it, especially if you are not trained in the right way. If you are overweight, you better not exceed two kilometers three times a week, at least until the body will acquire greater strength.

The calories you burn

If you walk all days, for a total of 45 minutes in a week, you can burn up to 1,300 calories. Of course you should not overdo it, because the data can vary according to personal limitations, depending on the weight and level of exertion. Certainly aerobic exercise is able to speed up your metabolism, to bring you to burn more fat, and all this brings benefits for physical fitness. In theory, weight loss occurs when you consume more calories than than you ingest. Of course, though, it is important not to overlook even the power: you can not think of binge and then recover all walking. It 'important to be able to restrain the consumption of fatty foods and overly sugary.

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