Benefits of Red Ginger

Red ginger for health benefits Did you know that the benefits of red ginger (Zingiber officinale varieties rubrum) may increase sex drive and impotence medicine / impotence?Red Ginger is one of the variants of ginger rhizome is the smallest in size but contains essential oils are very high and have the spicy flavor. Benefits of red ginger is very good for health so widely used as materials for medicinal and herbal remedies.

Traditional Medicine To cure high Cholesterol 

The benefits of red ginger has been known for years by the Chinese. They make use of red ginger as a traditional medicine, for example, to treat stomach ulcers, kidney, to improve the function of the spleen. Meanwhile, the benefits of a red ginger is widely used by the Arabs to menghangatan body, overcome digestive problems, softening the belly, etc..Avoid Red Ginger If you Ulcer PatientsAlthough the benefits of a red ginger is very good for the treatment of various diseases, but if you have problems with heartburn then you must be careful. Red ginger contains gingerol which can make the stomach feel hot. Additionally, for those Pregnant women should also be careful to consume red ginger. Because the substance contained in red ginger there is an abortion.Some Benefits of Red GingerFor more details, some of the benefits of red ginger can you get with some of the following recipes:

Herbal Remedies For Sora Throats

1. Red Ginger to Treat Cough. Provide 3 red ginger the size of your thumb, then wash thoroughly, then boiled in 2 cups water. Wait for the water to boil and the remaining 1 cup. Drink ginger boiled water as much as 2xsehari.
2. Red Ginger for Overcoming sore-sore. Provide two red ginger thumb size and 2 cups milk. Wash the ginger until clean, then roasted and peeled ginger. Rhizome was crushed and boiled with fresh milk mixed. Drink boiled water it 2x a day.
3. Red Ginger for Menobati Headaches. Prepare 3 red ginger, then wash thoroughly. Grilled red ginger and crushed. Then mix with a little honey or brown sugar and 1 cup water makers use later drinking.Hopefully this adds to your knowledge about the benefits of red ginger

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