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Benefits of Garlic for Health

Garlic health benefits, did you know? Garlic is a plant of the genus Allium names as well as names of tubers produced. Garlic is often used for the ingredients. Fragrant scent can make a dish more delicious and not bland. Usually garlic crushed or finely chopped first and then pan-fried. Fragrance aroma can be smelled from a distance of many meters, the sense of hunger for penciumnya. Used in almost all Indonesian specialties.
Some say, if another flu garlic should be chewed though not more severe. Chewing garlic to ward off the flu is better than using chemical drugs, which certainly have side effects such as drowsiness and palpitations. "So for those of you who just feel flu symptoms, immediately chewing raw garlic as first aid to prevent the flu becomes more severe," said Gene Stone, author of the book titled 'The Secrets of People Who Never Get Sick. "benefits of garlic
Illustration drawing garlic
Health Benefits of Garlic For others include:
1. Detoxification with garlic juiceYeah it looks really spooky must drink garlic juice. But, you do not think a no-no before because the benefits are large enough to remove toxins from the body through the pores of the skin.
2. Maintaining heart healthSulfides in garlic reduce levels of LDL cholesterol thereby preventing cardiovascular diseases such as heart attack or blockage. So, for heart patients or those who want to keep the heart healthy, garlic is very good for consumption.
3. Benefits for people with diabetesEating a few cloves of garlic in your daily diet will be good for diabetics because it increases the level of insulin in the bloodstream.
4. Contains Allicin, the protector of infectionAllicin in garlic is an anti-fungal compounds that protect the body from infection and improve antibody.
5. Maintaining healthy earsIf you have an infection or pain in the ear, garlic can help you. Put two to three drops of warm garlic oil extract. Antioxidants in garlic kill bacteria and remove dirt in it.
6. Improve blood circulationGarlic is beneficial to remove toxins from the body, a smooth blood circulation, the skin can appear more healthy.
7. Improves digestionCut into small one clove of garlic, swallowed immediately with a little water can help keep you from constipation, especially after eating meat or fatty foods. This is because the garlic will help to improve the digestive system when consumed after every meal.
8. To fight the cold and thin mucusWell this is for those of you who are suffering from the flu, try the following recipe. Roughly chop one clove and menumisnya with a little oil or butter. You could put it in a bowl of soup. It can further help warm the body and thin the mucus in the respiratory tract due to the flu.
9. Helps fracture healingGarlic can also help in the healing of fractures. How, apply garlic oil with a hand-rubbed with a swab and gently massage over the fractured bone.
10. Bantu rid of acneBenefits of garlic this one will definitely help to you, especially the teenagers who suffer from acne. Tumbuklah one or two of garlic and spread to the upper part of the acne. Let stand about 10 minutes or better to do at night. If acne is not too severe, on the morning of acne has been deflated and shrunk. Try it you apply this recipe, may interfere with acne can get out of your face.
Hmmm .. yah unexpected everyday plants frequently encountered and herbs just think it has many benefits for health. Granted we'll never know if you do not find out. Therefore to find out the efficacy of a plant for traditional medicine so we need to do. The goal is to ensure that if one day need medicine but pharmacies are closed or have to go to a hospital far away we can provide first aid to traditional medicine. Similarly, review the benefits of garlic, may be useful for the readers.


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