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SUNFLOWER ,Helianthus annuus L.

CLASSIFICATION: flower common sunflower L. known as belongs to the family family Asteraceae (Asteraceae). This plant is understood because the 5 regions of interest matoari, flowers Sunrise, tampong square measure or Purbanegara.

CHEMICAL PROPERTIES: This plant is wealthy in a very type of chemical constituents square measure already illustrious, such as:

Flowers: Quercimeritrin, helianthoside A, B, C, oleanolic acid, echinocystic acid.

Seeds: Betha-sitosterol, autocoid E, chlorogenic acid, quinic acid, phytin, 3,4-benzopyrene. Dalam100 gram seed oil.

Flowers: a hundred total fat, 9.8 saturated fat, unsaturated fats: oleic eleven.7 and linoleat72, 9. No cholesterin.

EFFECTS pharmacological: In Chinese pharmacological medicine mentioned that these plants square measure soft and neutral flavor.

Flowers efficacious lowering pressure, reducing rasanyeri (analgesic). Seeds efficacious anti-dysentery, stimulate disbursal body fluids (hormones, enzymes, etc.), stimulate disbursal contagion. Leaves efficacious anti-inflammatory drug, reduces pain, opposing protozoal infection. Roots efficacious anti-inflammatory drug, laxative piss, cough, pain relief. Marrow of the stem and therefore the base interest efficacious stimulate very important energy, calming the liver, stimulate pengerluaran piss, relieve pain airkemih waste of your time.

DISEASE that may BE cured AND technique OF USE

Based on the literature that records the expertise of generations from completely different countries and regions, this plant will cure diseases as follows:

1. INTEREST: (High pressure, headache pain, Headache, toothache, emission pain, abdomen pain, sore breasts, rheumatic and tough birth).

a.Sakit head: flowers 25-30 g and one egg (not broken), and three gelasair, cooked into 1/2 cup. Taken once meals, a pair of times on a daily basis.

b. Breast Inflammation (Mastitis): Chief of interest (without seeds), cut smooth, then dried. once drying digonseng / cooked till burn, then ground into powder / flour. anytime you drink ten -15 g, mingling vino + sugar + heat water, three times on a daily basis, it should initial remove a sweat (disposable bed covers).

c. Rheumatic: inflorescence cooked up therefore kanji, persist with a hospital.

2. Seeds: (No craving, lethargy, bloody infectious disease, stimulate disbursal rash (redness of the contagion, headache).

a. Dysentery: seeds thirty grams brewed, then on the team for one hour. once dingkat add rock sugar to style and drink.

3. Roots: (urinary tract infections, inflammation salurannapas (bronchitis), pertussis (pertussis) and discharge (leucorrhoe).

a. issue defecating and small: recent Roots 15-30 grams cooked with four cups of water till it becomes 2 glasses of cool, strain and drink 2kali 1gelas.

4. Leaves: protozoal infection

5. Marrow of the stem and therefore the base rate of interest (reseptaculum): abdomen cancer, passageway cancer and malignant mole. conjointly for abdomen pain, gut movements tough and painful piss (dysuria), pain relieve tract stones, bloody piss (hematuria) and fatty piss (chyluria).

Marrow from stem and flower base contains hemicellulose that inhibit cancer one hundred eighty and Ehrlich pathology carcicoma in mice. Extracts from the marrow to destroy nitrosamines and might stop and treat duct tumorsaluran (digestive tract).

6.Kencing stone (TB21). Plant sunflowers complete (roots, stems, leaves and flowers) and pulawaras fennel, cooked beside one cubic decimeter of water till boiling. Taken once on a daily basis till the tip.

Note: Pregnant ladies square measure prohibited from drinking cooked flowers.


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