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Herbal potions for Primary Liver Cancer

Primary liver cancer or hepatoma originated from liver tissue and somewhat difficult to be detected at an early stage. Primary liver cancer is usually detected only at the level of anjut so very suit to be overcome. Penyebat of hepatoma is usually alcohol, liver fluke (Clonorchis sinensis), liver cirrhosis, chronic hepatitis B also.

The symptoms and signs are common to patients with primary liver cancer such as skin color is yellow, brownish urine like tehm feces (stool) blackish, weakness, weight decreased drastically, also the formation of fluid in the abdominal cavity and swollen feet and hands.

Some herbal potions for Primary Liver Cancer / hepatoma

recipe 1

     20 g dry Intersection
     25 g of wood fungi (ling zhi)
     15 g flower tens
     15 g dried crown god
     15 g of dried ginger
     15 g of nut-grass tubers (xiang fu)

Method: Wash all ingredients, boiled with 1.2 liters of water until the remaining 600 cc, 200 cc and drink 3 times a day

recipe 2

     20 g mushrooms hioko
     60 g dried grass snake tongue
     60 g dry jombang
     30 g ban zhi lian (scutellariae barbatae)
     10 g glass fruit plate
     30 g radix angeica sinensis (dang gui)

Method: Wash all ingredients, boiled with 1.2 liters of water until the remaining 600 cc, 200 cc and drink 3 times a day


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