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5 Natural Ways to Increase Female Fertility

Fertility is the level of chance to get a child . Fertile couples have a higher chance of having a child . Pair is said to be infertile ( infertile ) when after a year of marriage age , wife still not pregnant despite not doing KB .
Infertility caused either by the husband, the wife or both . However , in this article I will focus on how the addition of the wife's fertility .1 . Maintain Weight Loss
Too fat / thin can cause ovulation disorders . According to research , women need fat weight by 17 to 21 percent in order to ovulate regularly. Lean or obese women are irregular menstrual cycles may become more regular and fertile with a fix weight .2 . Choose Organic Food
Various studies have shown the negative effects of insecticides and pesticides to the hormone progesterone . Progesterone is a hormone that functions to grow and ripen eggs and prepare the uterine lining for pregnancy . Without progesterone , the pregnancy may not occur .Research shows that female crocodiles that live in a polluted swamp DDT has broken egg shape and mutate . Although DDT has been banned in Indonesia , imported fruits that are now flooding the market is not likely to contain the dangerous DDT . Form of estrogen called xenoestrogen also found in some pesticides and can interfere with a woman's hormonal balance .3 . Fix Diet
A deficiency of vitamins and minerals will reduce fertility . Vitamin C , E and B complex ( especially B6 ) is essential for the formation and regulation of hormonal work . Expand eat fruits and vegetables rich in vitamins and minerals as well as sesame seeds that contain essential fats such as soybean , bean sprouts and peanuts .
Eat a balanced diet in the composition of proteins, carbohydrates and fat . Unbalanced diet , such as too much fat , will disrupt the body's hormonal balance .4 . Reduce Stress
Reduce the burden of thinking that causes stress with emphasis on recreation , rest and exercise . Stress can create hormonal imbalances in the body , making it hard ovulation .5 . Drink Supplements / Herbs
Several types of supplements / herbs believed to increase fertility . Some people believe that the Javanese turmeric and acid can improve a woman's reproductive organs work . Honey and bee pollen are also believed to contain many substances that are beneficial to a woman's fertility . The Chinese have a herb Dong Quai root ( Ginseng Woman ) which strengthens the uterus and the hormones launched .
However , be careful when consuming herbal medicine , as so often unhygienic processing containing aflatoxin ( poison from powdery mildew which can cause liver dysfunction / liver cancer ) .


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