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Spices and Benefits for Humans

If you hear the word herbs, many people feel a little strange . At most is known about the spices associated with that sought by the Dutch colonizers . However , if it is spoken herbs , then the mother was definitely excited to think of what dishes will be made , followed by a complaint despite the price increase peppers , onion and garlic .
But , when I watched a show about the benefits of spice to human health , so I understand why Europeans come all the way to Southeast Asia , particularly Indonesia , by taking a ferocious ocean . Especially at this time , a lot of research from Michigan State University on black cumin which turned out to have a million benefits .
Spices are aromatic plant parts or strong taste , which is used in small quantities in food as a preservative or shield in cooking . Spices are usually distinguished by other plants that are used for similar purposes , such as medicinal plants , aromatic vegetables , and dried fruit . Spices are the most valuable commodity in the pre- colonial era . In the past , many spices used in the treatment , although this is now reduced , because people prefer to use a supplement rather than a spice . Practical reasons sometimes used in the use of these supplements . Possible information regarding the usefulness of these herbs can be taken into consideration about the use of herbs as an endurance enhancer natural to the human body . Spices are so many kinds . However , I will discuss a few are beneficial to humans :
1 . Black Pepper
Black pepper has a surprising nutritional content . Among these anti - oxidants , vitamin A , vitamin C , and compounds such as lycopene , carotene , zea - xanthin , and cryptoxanthin which helps eliminate damaging free radicals , thus preventing the occurrence of cancer , liver problems , and cardiovascular disease . The workings of black pepper for health are as follows . By the time you are taking this one spice , sweat will be pouring out of your body . Indirectly, this process will help you remove toxins through sweat and urination . Black pepper is widely recognized as a carminative , a substance that helps stimulate the appetite to increase the secretion of hydrochloric acid digestion . This leads to the prevention of diarrhea , constipation , colic pain , and intestinal gas .
2 . turmeric
Turmeric is a spice commonly used in cooking in Asian countries . Turmeric is often used as a spice in cooking a type of curry , and is also used to give a yellow color to the dish , or as a preservative . Pharmaceutical products made ​​from turmeric is able to compete with a variety of drug patents , for example, for inflammation of the joints ( rheumatoid arthritis ) or osteo - arthritis deklofenak active ingredient sodium , piroxicam , and phenyl butason at a relatively expensive or dietary supplements ( vitamins - plus ) in the form capsule .
3 . Black cumin
Black cumin or black seed ( Nigella sativa ) is a spice that can be used as a medicinal plant . This spice black bean-shaped granules that have been known for thousands of years and is used widely by the people of India , Pakistan , and the Middle East to treat various diseases . This type of plant is touted as a medicinal plant in the early development of Islam. The benefit is to strengthen the immune system against viruses , germs and bacteria , and defend the body against cancer and HIV . It was also reported that Black Seed can stop the growth of tumor cells and improve brain function . To the linoleic acid content , Seed is nutrition for the brain cells that are useful to improve memory , intelligence , and the relativity of brain cells that do not go senile . Seed also been reported to cure bronchial asthma , bronchitis , easy fatigue , chronic cough and other respiratory diseases of various kinds .
4 . Cabe .
Benefit chili which is currently more expensive due to the high - spicy food tends to make people eat more . There are several causes of it, the spicy flavor will be more torture if eating slowly or stop eating . Therefore , people will eat more quickly and much more . In fact , the brain will slow to signal satiety when eating is done at a slow pace . Another thing related to the hormone endorphin . With increasing endorphin production , they will feel happy , favors , and excited . According to the science of psychology , people tend to eat more voraciously and delicious when they 're feeling happy and excited .
All of the spices that can be consumed in the form of drugs or in the form of traditional foods . Furthermore , depending on which is more comfortable or convenient to consume according to you . Good luck


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