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Natural Medicine Blood Cancer

Blood Cancer ( Leukemia ) Blood Cancer ( Leukemia ) is a type of cancer that attacks white blood cells produced by the bone marrow (bone marrow ) . Bone marrow or bone marrow in the human body produces three types of blood cells including white blood cells (functioning as an immune system against infection ) , red blood cells ( carry oxygen into the body to function ) and platelets ( small part of blood cells that help the blood clotting process ) .

Causes of Blood Cancer

Radiation . This is supported by several reports of some research which handles cases of leukemia that radiology employees more often suffer from leukemia , Penerita with radiotherapy more often suffer from leukemia , Leukemia incidence found in survivors of the atomic bomb Hiroshima and Nagasaki , Japan .

Leukemogenik . Several chemicals have been identified are reported to affect the frequency of leukemia , such as environmental toxins such as benzene , inustri chemicals such as insecticides , drugs used …

Benefits and efficacy of papaya seeds

Benefits and efficacy of papaya seeds . Papaya has the Latin name Carica papaya L and included in Caricaceae family . This plant used fruit to be consumed because it is sweet and refreshing . In addition it contains a lot of water , papaya fruit is also rich in vitamin C. Part of flowers and young leaves of papaya are also often used as a salad a friend to eat rice and sauce .
In addition to consumption , some parts of the papaya tree is also used as a traditional medicine to cure various diseases . Almost all parts of the papaya tree can be used as a medicine such as leaves , flowers , seeds , roots , sap , and Papaya Skin .
Contained in the papaya plant enzymes papain which serves to aid digestion . In addition to the content of the enzyme papain , papaya is also contained in antiseptic properties where the content of this serves to prevent the proliferation of nasty bacteria that live in our intestines . Not surprisingly , papaya fruit would be most recommended for digestive probl…

Rice Benefits for Skin and Body

So far, we know that rice is the staple food for most people in Indonesia . Apparently , besides being a staple food , rice is also believed to whiten skin and body . Even from ancient times , the ancestors have been using rice to meet the nutritional needs of the skin also to whiten skin and body . Because as we know , has not been known in ancient times many chemicals that can be used as a beauty product . So that those who lived long ago rollicking using natural ingredients provided by nature .
Rice is believed to provide moisture to the skin ( especially on the facial area ) , nourish and whiten skin . This applies to all types of rice , because rice contains Squalane oil . However , of all the existing types of rice , Japanese rice is rice that contain the highest oil Squalane . Through this oil Squalane give rice water intake on the skin so it can moisturize the skin and improve its elasticity .

How to whiten skin with a body scrub made ​​from Rice
Women in Japan have proved …

Traditional medicine Lupus Disease

Welcome to our official website and reliable and we are also ready to serve you whenever and wherever you are right now , we are here to explain about Multi Maxs as Ace Efficacy of Traditional Medicine of Lupus , but first let us see what it is first Lupus disease .
Traditional Medicine LupusPenyakit Disease Lupus is a disease that is deadly because the disease equivalent to cancer and many people have died because of this disease . Lupus disease attacks the human immune system excessively , thereby disrupting the body's health . The term lupus is in Latin called the " coyotes " .
Characteristic features of lupus disease when invading chest pain will arise that causes the sufferer to experience difficulty when breathing. In patients with this disease initially as having skin disorders, such as redness around the nose and cheeks . There are patches of red spots on the face and arms , experiencing hair loss , often experience swelling in the joints and ulcers as w…