Benefits and efficacy of papaya seeds

Benefits and efficacy of papaya seeds . Papaya has the Latin name Carica papaya L and included in Caricaceae family . This plant used fruit to be consumed because it is sweet and refreshing . In addition it contains a lot of water , papaya fruit is also rich in vitamin C. Part of flowers and young leaves of papaya are also often used as a salad a friend to eat rice and sauce .
In addition to consumption , some parts of the papaya tree is also used as a traditional medicine to cure various diseases . Almost all parts of the papaya tree can be used as a medicine such as leaves , flowers , seeds , roots , sap , and Papaya Skin .
Contained in the papaya plant enzymes papain which serves to aid digestion . In addition to the content of the enzyme papain , papaya is also contained in antiseptic properties where the content of this serves to prevent the proliferation of nasty bacteria that live in our intestines . Not surprisingly , papaya fruit would be most recommended for digestive problems .
Several compounds are known to have the papaya enzymes include papain , alkaloids Karpaina , pseudo - Karpaina , glikosid , karposid , sucrose , dextrose , levulose . Karpaina alkaloids such as digitalis has the effect . While fruits contain beta- carotene , pectin , D - galactose , 1 - arabinose , papain , papain papayotimin , fitokinase .
Papaya seeds benefits can not be underestimated , but can be a highly efficacious drug .
1 . Papaya seeds as antibacterial research has been carried out and found the papaya seeds if it is effective to eradicate E. coli , Salmonella , and Staph infections .
2 . Papaya seeds in kidney protection . Peneliatian have found that of papaya seed extract may protect the kidneys from toxin -induced renal failure .
3 . Papaya seeds in eliminating intestinal parasites . There is evidence that papaya seeds eradicate intestinal parasites . In a study conducted on Nigerian children with intestinal parasites , 76.7 % of children who received a placebo .
4 . Papaya seeds Toxins destroy the liver . In Chinese medicine in the State believed if a teaspoon of papaya seeds can help detoxify the liver . Papaya seeds are also often recommended by physicians experienced in the treatment of cirrhosis of the liver .
5 . Papaya seeds overcome worms . The disease is also very good embarrassing eradicated with papaya seeds , even very potent he said .
attention :
For pregnant women who do not ever consume papaya seeds as a drug because it would cause the risk of miscarriage .

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