Natural Medicine Blood Cancer

Blood Cancer ( Leukemia ) Blood Cancer ( Leukemia ) is a type of cancer that attacks white blood cells produced by the bone marrow (bone marrow ) . Bone marrow or bone marrow in the human body produces three types of blood cells including white blood cells (functioning as an immune system against infection ) , red blood cells ( carry oxygen into the body to function ) and platelets ( small part of blood cells that help the blood clotting process ) .

Natural Medicine Blood Cancer

Causes of Blood Cancer

Radiation . This is supported by several reports of some research which handles cases of leukemia that radiology employees more often suffer from leukemia , Penerita with radiotherapy more often suffer from leukemia , Leukemia incidence found in survivors of the atomic bomb Hiroshima and Nagasaki , Japan .

Leukemogenik . Several chemicals have been identified are reported to affect the frequency of leukemia , such as environmental toxins such as benzene , inustri chemicals such as insecticides , drugs used for chemotherapy .
Viruses . Some types of viruses can cause leukemia , such as retroviruses , feline leukemia virus , HTLV - 1 in adults .
Signs Or Symptoms In Blood Cancer

Difficulty breathing (dyspnea ) . The patient may show symptoms of difficulty breathing and chest pain , if this happens then it should immediately get medical help .
Lympa gland swelling . Patients are likely to experience swelling of the glands lympa , whether it is under the arms , neck , chest and others . Lympa gland in charge of filtering the blood , leukemia cells may collect here and cause swelling .
Painful bones and joints . This is caused as a result of the bone marrow (bone marrow ) urged solid by white blood cells .
Anemia . Patients will reveal a tired, pale and breathing fast ( red blood cells below normal causing less oxygen in the body , as a result the patient breathes faster to compensate for the fulfillment of oxygen deficiency in the body .

 Mahkota Dewa Fruit Benefits For People with blood cancer

Since time immemorial pieces gods crown is already a lot domanfaatkan as traditional medicine. This fruit can cure various types dijadika disease affecting our health. This fruit contains many substances that are needed by our body. Here are the substances the substances contained in the crown of God buag among others:
1. alkaloids
2. saponin
3. polyphenols

  In addition to easily obtainable, the fruit is also grown in the area suited us. Banayak way to get the benefits of biah crown of God.

 Mahkota Dewa Benefits for Cancer
Dried fruit pulp gods crown: 5 grams
White turmeric root: 15 grams
Dried bitter: 10 grams
Leaves gods: 15 grams
Ways of processing the same way as for liver treatment.

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