Rice Benefits for Skin and Body

So far, we know that rice is the staple food for most people in Indonesia . Apparently , besides being a staple food , rice is also believed to whiten skin and body . Even from ancient times , the ancestors have been using rice to meet the nutritional needs of the skin also to whiten skin and body . Because as we know , has not been known in ancient times many chemicals that can be used as a beauty product . So that those who lived long ago rollicking using natural ingredients provided by nature .
Rice is believed to provide moisture to the skin ( especially on the facial area ) , nourish and whiten skin . This applies to all types of rice , because rice contains Squalane oil . However , of all the existing types of rice , Japanese rice is rice that contain the highest oil Squalane . Through this oil Squalane give rice water intake on the skin so it can moisturize the skin and improve its elasticity .

How to whiten skin with a body scrub made ​​from Rice
Women in Japan have proved the direct benefits of rice , especially the Japanese rice . On average they have a clean and glowing skin . From the first, they were used to make your own simple body scrub made ​​from rice . As a result, dead skin cells are lifted , the skin becomes more elastic and whiter.
In terms of beauty , the rice can be processed in two types , namely in the form of flour ( scrubs ) and fermentation . There is now a lot of herbal products available in the market . We live to be very clever to choose a scrub that is safe to use . Surely scrub made ​​from natural materials , such as Organic Whitening Body Scrub made ​​from Japanese rice , whole milk , yam , olive oil , lemon extract / extract of jasmine flowers .Tags :latita cream , How to make a body scrub , body scrub mother's womb , Scrub yoguart , backing powder benefits for beauty , bengkoang benefits for skin , benefits of kimchi fruit , papaya scrub benefits , whether honey contains vitamin E , rose to the health benefits and beauty of women


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