Traditional medicine Lupus Disease

Welcome to our official website and reliable and we are also ready to serve you whenever and wherever you are right now , we are here to explain about Multi Maxs as Ace Efficacy of Traditional Medicine of Lupus , but first let us see what it is first Lupus disease .
Traditional Medicine LupusPenyakit Disease Lupus is a disease that is deadly because the disease equivalent to cancer and many people have died because of this disease . Lupus disease attacks the human immune system excessively , thereby disrupting the body's health . The term lupus is in Latin called the " coyotes " .
Characteristic features of lupus disease when invading chest pain will arise that causes the sufferer to experience difficulty when breathing. In patients with this disease initially as having skin disorders, such as redness around the nose and cheeks . There are patches of red spots on the face and arms , experiencing hair loss , often experience swelling in the joints and ulcers as well as feel the heat and prolonged fatigue . This disease not only attacks the skin , but also can attack almost all organs in the human body .
Symptoms of Lupus Disease

The most common symptoms are the patient will often feel weak , excessive fatigue , fever and aches .
Interference with the digestion and the skin of the patient will easily scorched by sun .
Patients will have anemia , because the red blood cells will be destroyed if this disease .
In the patients skin will appear red rash on both cheeks stretched , like a butterfly. And a red rash that is almost like the disc may appear on the skin on the entire body .

 The researchers reveal that the sea cucumber contains omega 3 can help reduce or even cure the symptoms of lupus. Indirectly Omega 3 are also beneficial for people suffering from mild depression one of the causes of lupus. To that end, the sea cucumber is effective as Lupus Natural Medicines. Given Omega 3 can improve the effectiveness of treatment because it affects the brain in a different way than antidepressants. Addition of omega 3 in the sea cucumber is also useful as an anti-inflammatory or reduce inflammation (inflammation), help improve the combustion energy and cell metabolism, maintaining delivery systems of nerve impulses and maintain blood pressure, lowering blood viscosity, thereby reducing the risk of heart attacks, lower cholesterol LDL and triglycerides, and lower HDL.

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