Fennel For Detox Diet: How It Works

Fennel for detox diet: how it works

 Review Diet fennel purify how Fennel for detox diet: how does it work? This vegetable has incredible properties detox and proves a valuable ally especially if you suffer from water retention. Sometimes the excess salt, too many sugars, one sedentary lifestyle and lack of proper hydration are all the factors that can put a strain on the physical form. Thanks fennel can depurarci, eliminate excess fluids, the accumulated toxins and combat swelling. The vegetables in question is rich in draining and is able to help digestion. Being also rich in fiber, makes us feel more satiated and therefore allows us to not let us go to the binge.

 How does this work

Fennel For Detox Diet While purifying diet fennel is important to drink lots of water, especially between meals, in order to facilitate the process of elimination of toxins. At the same time it is important to practice regular physical activity, especially doing the right movement and exercises to slim thighs and eliminate cellulite. Also right exercise keeps active metabolism and helps the intestine. Hunger pangs between meals can be managed better by consuming raw fennel. It provides few calories and at the same time manages to satiate. Furthermore, this vegetable is rich in water, vitamins and minerals and has the ability to tone the skin, making it smooth.

 the menu

We see the menu to follow in the course of the diet of the fennel. Not that this vegetable should necessarily be inserted in all meals. You can eat it as a snack or as a remedy for hunger pangs, even during the day.

Breakfast: a cup of barley coffee and a glass of low-fat milk; in addition to 30 grams of cereal.

 Lunch: 50 grams of pasta, you can dress with the fennel and Taleggio or with fresh tomato and basil, fennel eating steamed. 200 grams of other vegetables to taste.

 Dinner: vegetable soup without vegetables (120 grams) or vegetable soup (100 grams), 100 grams of chicken stew, or a bass with onions and tomatoes, 150 grams of salad of mixed vegetables and a kiwi.

Snack and snack: low-fat yogurt with fruit or centrifuged fennel.

These indications should add the consumption of herbal tea with fennel, the countless benefits and a thousand properties, to drink during the day, in the course of the diet and in the next 2 weeks.
You can prepare a mixture of fennel, licorice root, anise, coriander and thyme. Leave the assembly in infusion for 15 minutes, to obtain an infusion to be filtered, able to deflate the stomach and promote digestion.
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