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How the Dukan Diet Works, The Recipes And The Pattern Of The Famous Book

The diet dukan, now known and oraticata by many people, was developed by French physician Pierre Dukan and is the ability to lose weight quickly and without too many difficulties and sacrifices. This kind of diet is characterized by the large consumption of protein and is having wide spread throughout the world, meeting the favor by many. But it is a diet without risk to health? There are many questions, many doubts. Recent scandals vssuti by its creator. Let's try to figure out together what it is.

Protein diet dukan

 The dukan diet consists of a precise pattern that includes four phases. The first step is to attack and lasts three to ten days, during which you eat foods rich in protein, such as meat, white and red, eggs, fish, shellfish, and low-fat milk. All without limits. The second stage, called "cruise", consists in adding to the protein foods vegetables and legumes. Besides, in terms of power know that legumes are also useful for weight loss. Particularly suitable are tomatoes, cucumbers, spinach, lettuce, mushrooms. It is at this time that you get to the much desired weight.

Dukan diet fruit

 The third stage is that of consolidation, which involves the consumption of starches twice a week and fruit. Always twice a week you can indulge in some exception to the rule. The everything carried on for a number of days corresponding to the lost weight multiplied by 10 times. The last phase, called stabilization, is distinguished by the return to the usual eating habits, taking care to eat for one day a week only proteins that were under the first phase of the diet.

Dukan diet menu 

  Let's consider a concrete example of the menu to be followed in accordance with the schedule of the diet dukan, in relation to the first phase, to better understand what it is. At breakfast, yogurt, cheese or cottage cheese, a slice of ham fat and a boiled egg. After all it is important to have breakfast in the diet to lose weight. For lunch you can use a slice of turkey or veal and cheese. For dinner should eat fish or shellfish, a boiled egg or the chicken livers and a yogurt. For the morning snack and afternoon ideally a yogurt or about 100 grams of fat-free cheese.

Dukan diet: some recipes that can be made

Dukan diet recipes 

The diet dukan also provides specific recipes to achieve. It is in some ways quite special dishes. Passiamone quickly review some, to make us a better idea: eggplant caviar, beef tenderloin crusted with oat bran with bouquet of vegetables and mousse of garlic, strips of beef with chili and peppers, beef rolls fresh cheese, skewered shrimp with sesame and soy balsamic reduction, grouper fillets with spices on a bed of herbs, lemon mousse, iced jasmine tea. There's something for every taste, weight loss with class and effortlessly.


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