Macrobiotic Diet , Example Menu

What is the Macrobiotic diet? Which can be a menu type and an example of this diet? The term derives from the greek macrobiotic makros (long) and bios (life) and the principles behind this diet were studied by George Ohsawa in 1800 to allow the body to maintain balance between the two principles that govern the universe, or the Yin and Yang. This diet, in fact, the assumption that all foods are divided into categories according to specific characteristics and, therefore, a correct association would allow the body to maintain a perfect balance. Break this balance would mean exposing the body to a variety of maladies.

 Rules and such
An example of a balanced meal macrobiotic expected that the same is composed of 50% from whole grains beans, for 30% by vegetables (both raw and cooked), 10% from protein source and the remaining 10% by algae and fruit (fresh and dried). Should be the favorite, also vegetable proteins such as legumes rather than those of meat and fish (taken only occasionally). Yin foods are acidic foods, bitter ones, particularly aromatic and very sweet as milk and dairy products, fruit, tea, spices, vegetables, white bread, beef and eggs. Yang foods are, however, the alkaline foods, salty ones, little tangy, slightly sweet and slightly spicy as chicken, fish and seaweed. A third category, finally, is composed of the balanced foods such as grains, fresh vegetables and legumes that help heart health.

Macrobiotic Diet , Example Menu


A cup of tea
A cream of millet or rice with cinnamon and raisins
Rice biscuits or a bowl of cereal


A soup of millet, grain or vegetables with algae or alternatively a plate combination of boiled brown rice and vegetable protein
A baked apple, corn bran or wheat, a fruit jelly made with seaweed agar-agar
A cup of tea
A cup of tea
Rice biscuits with jam or vegetable pâté


A soup of vegetables and whole grains
Steamed vegetables or fresh at will
Fish or vegetable protein (not to exceed)
Among the vegetables are favorite cabbage, Brussels sprouts, turnip greens, radishes, carrots, fennel, shallots, green beans, pumpkins. The method of cooking vegetables should be changed periodically (boiling, saltatura, sunburn etc.). As for the white meat is recommended to choose cuts little fat, while as regards the fish should be preferred fish products of small or medium size. As for the fruit should prefer apples, apricots, peaches, plums, pears and grapes. Seaweed or spiruline for the beneficial properties can be added freely to the cooking of cereals or that of legumes. Go eventually excluded from the diet with milk and all its derivatives, then butter, cheese (fat or thin they are).

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