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Nanotechnology Is The New Frontier Of Medicine

In medicine it opens a new frontier thanks to nanotechnology. Thanks to the latter, which is discussed more and more often, you can create new diagnostic devices but also therapeutic treatments always more specific and precise. Nanosciences include a number of new technologies that will help physicians and patients to increase the effectiveness of therapies, reduce side effects on healthy tissues and increase the speed of diagnosis. Experts from around the world, including Italy, are confident that nanotechnology will improve medicine in every field, and for this reason in recent times there are more and more studies that have as an object this topic. At the basis of nanoscience is the very small size with which we will work: the nanometer. Are measures infinitesimal difficult to think and imagine for our mind. A nanometer is one billionth of a meter, to get an idea we have to think that a cell measuring 5 microns, or 5000 nanometers. So it has to do with ultra-small particles that will be used as weapons to fight disease, even the most serious and dangerous, such as cancer.

 International studies on nanotechnology

In the month of September will be held in Venice the eighth World Conference on the future of science, called "Nanoscience Society" and sponsored by the Fondazione Umberto Veronesi, the Fondazione Giorgio Cini Foundation Silvio Tronchetti Provera, whose main topic will be right on nanotechnology. During the event will discuss the future of medicine thanks to nanoparticles and the latest results obtained from the research. Nanosciences were main topic of recent international studies: a US study, conducted by scientists at Northwestern University, published in the journal of the Academy of Sciences America (PNAS), was responsible for the clinical effectiveness of a common dermatological cream that could convey nanoparticles (elements so small that "confuse" the immune system), through the skin, can selectively inhibit the genes responsible for certain skin cancers and other diseases. With this new method, tested on mice and on human skin cells, it was possible to cross the barriers of the skin, and in the future you will be able to administer drugs to treat diseases such as psoriasis, wounds due to diabetes, as well as melanoma and squamous cell carcinoma.

 The Australian study

Another study, conducted by researchers at the University of Sydney in Australia, along with colleagues in Scotland, has dealt with the possibility of the use of nanoparticles as vehicles for cancer therapies more specific and precise, so as to minimize the effects side of classical chemotherapy. Specifically managed to incorporate a very small core of iron oxide, the size of 5 nanometers (to understand one thousandth of the diameter of a human hair), in an anticancer drug; after which, using a magnet, they direct the substance directly into the tumor mass. In this way, the therapy will be specific and will not affect the surrounding healthy tissue.

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