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Weight Loss After Menopause, Diet And Practical Advice

Lose weight in menopause with the right diet and with the practical advice that can help us. We discover some tips that may be useful, because, with the passing of years, it becomes increasingly difficult to maintain a healthy weight. It is said that in the years following menopause should gain weight for strength. Just follow a healthy diet and choose one active lifestyle. It 'clear that the hormonal changes that occur in women in this period affect, especially on the waistband. Moreover, with the passing of years, muscle mass decreases and something must be done to replenish lean mass that was lost. Here's how.

 The Diet

The weight loss diet in menopause should be based on the decrease in calorie intake, reducing the portions and enriching it with fruits and vegetables. Especially, among these, those choices are high in vitamin B, such as bananas, potatoes and lentils, which are very useful to combat swelling and weight gain caused by fluid retention. It is these foods, too, that can effectively combat some symptoms, such as cramps and the tendency to anxiety and depression.

On the table should never miss the cheeses, especially those with a low fat content, because they are rich in calcium, which is essential to counteract osteoporosis. During the day you should drink plenty of fluids, both water and green tea, from the many properties and many benefits, packed with antioxidants. It 'a great remedy to purify the body. We see the most suitable menu for a diet to follow in this period of life.

 Breakfast: 50 ml of milk, 60 grams of bread, 8 grams of butter or 2 teaspoons of jam, a fruit choice.

Snack: a banana.

Lunch: 50 grams of pasta or rice, a dish of cooked or raw vegetables, 100 grams of lean meat, 2 teaspoons of oil to flavor and a fruit.

Snack: 40 grams of cheese.

Dinner: a plate of soup or 200 grams of vegetables (also 100 grams of potatoes or lentils), 80 grams of fish seasoned with a teaspoon of olive oil, yogurt or a fruit choice.

Practical advice

Let's see some practical tips to lose weight in menopause. It 'important to use some natural supplements, especially those based on red clover, passionflower, sage and Cimifuga, which help reduce the characteristic symptoms, such as hot flushes, sweats and vaginal dryness. These supplements help you feel more energetic and make the body function properly.

 And 'essential to avoid sugary drinks, which are often full of hidden calories and do not facilitate the achievement of the line. From restrict definitely alcohol, which can promote weight gain. A glass of wine does not create any problem, it is important not to overdo it. Very useful practice of regular exercise. There is no need to force an intensive program, but the important thing is for example also walk, to speed up metabolism and to keep in good workout muscles. Among the most recommended practices there is also that of yoga.


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