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How Natural Remedies for Sore Throats

swollen tonsilseffectivenatural remedies

Swollen tonsils:what are thenatural remedieseffective?That oftonsillitisis a problemthat can occurespeciallyin theflu season,when thethroatis exposedin aparticularaction of virusesand bacteria.The consequencesare tosore throat, problemsbreathinganddifficulty swallowing.In these cases,you must alwaysconsult yourdoctor.Howeverthere are some solutionsoffered by nature,they can dotheir part andalleviatethe hasslesmost serious.Let's seewhat are thenatural remediesbest suited.

1.Sage andthyme


Sage andthymecan be consideredimportantnatural remediesagainstthe tonsilsinflamed andswollen.You can dotheinfusionsmade fromthese herbs,herbal medicinerintracciandoleeasily.It 'justthe herbalistthatmay indicatethe correctmodeof preparation andintake.



Mallowis veryuseful for fightinghypertrophictonsils.In contact withan infected area,this herbis able to createa sort ofprotective film,whichkeeps awayunwantedorganisms.Itmay takethe…

Autoimmune Hepatitis: Diagnosis And Therapy

Autoimmune HepatitisDiagnosisTherapy

Autoimmune hepatitisis a form ofhepatitis, whichalways occurswithchronic inflammationof the liver, whichbecomesthe "target" of the immune systemof the organism.The reason whythishappensis notyet clear; according to expertscould dependdal'assunzioneof some drugs, exposure tocertain toxinsorby the concomitant presenceof otherdiseases. Ifnotdiagnosed and treatedat the right timecanworsento cirrhosisand eventuallyliver failure, the stage at whichthe need fora liver transplantisnecessary.

British StudyandDiagnosis

The diagnosisof autoimmune hepatitisis based on symptomsand the resultsofblood tests andliver biopsy. It must be stressedthatthis diseaseaffects in particularwomen, over age 40, toabout 80%. The testsrelate to theassessment of the levelsof liver enzymes andthe detection ofautoantibodies(ANA, antinuclear antibody, theSMA, antibodiesanticellulesmooth, andLKM1, liver-kidney microsomalantibodies). The symptomatologyis characterized byab…

Dysthymia: Causes, Symptoms, Treatment And Therapy

What isdysthymia?What are the causes, symptoms,treatmentsand therapy?Dysthymia(ordysthymic disorder)is a mood disorderthattends tohavelessgravity,butlonger lifecomparedto depression.This disordercan appearsince adolescencein menthan in womenand occursmore frequentlyin the age groupbetween 18 and45 years.Dysthymiais considereda chronic disorderbecausesymptoms recurdaily andfor a timegenerallyexceeding two years.Has come to meantodayin 2013,when theDiagnostic and Statistical Manualof Mental Disorders(DSM)has includedin the chapter ondepression.

Causes andsymptoms
The causesare stilllargelyunknown,although manydoctorsareagreed thatsomelife experiencesof dramaticmaydeterminethe onsetof the disorder.Generallythe base ofdysthymiamaybe,however,causesbiochemical,genetic predispositionorenvironmental factors.People withthis disorderfeel particularlysad andworried,irritatedandrestless.Suffering from loneliness,insomnia,appetitedisordersand,in serious cases,suicidal tendenciesmanifest.Among thedif…

Natural Remedies for Perimenopause

Perimenopause is the period prior to menopause. You may still be having periods, but you are also developing some symptoms common to menopause, such as hot flashes. Perimenopause symptoms and menopause symptoms are often essentially the same. Since perimenopause may continue for a number of years, many women look for ways to manage their symptoms.

A woman in perimenopause may experience hot flashes, night sweats, irregular periods, depression, weight gain and mood swings. These symptoms result from fluctuating hormone levels, as estrogen production gradually drops and the ratio of estrogen and progesterone in the system change. Although progesterone levels are not necessarily higher during perimenopause, the increased dominance of progesterone compared to estrogen can cause some similar symptoms to pregnancy, such as drowsiness or changes in libido. During perimenopause, women may also become more susceptible to vaginal or urinary tract infections.

In addition to or instead of prescript…

Weight Loss After Menopause, Diet And Practical Advice

Lose weight inmenopausewiththe right dietandwiththe practical advicethat can help us. We discoversome tipsthatmay be useful, because, withthe passing ofyears, it becomes increasingly difficult to maintaina healthy weight. It is said thatin the years followingmenopauseshouldgain weightforstrength. Just followa healthy dietandchoose oneactive lifestyle. It 'clearthat thehormonal changesthatoccurin womenin this periodaffect, especially on the waistband. Moreover, withthe passing ofyears, muscle massdecreases andsomething must be doneto replenishlean massthatwas lost. Here's how.

The Diet

Theweight loss dietin menopauseshould be basedon the decreasein calorie intake, reducingthe portionsandenriching itwith fruits and vegetables. Especially, among these, thosechoicesarehigh invitaminB, such as bananas, potatoes andlentils, which are very usefulto combatswelling andweight gaincausedbyfluid retention. It is thesefoods, too, thatcaneffectively combatsome symptoms, such ascrampsand the t…

How the Dukan Diet Works, The Recipes And The Pattern Of The Famous Book

The dietdukan, nowknownandoraticatabymany people, wasdeveloped byFrench physicianPierreDukanandis the ability tolose weightquickly andwithout too manydifficulties and sacrifices. This kind ofdiet ischaracterized by thelargeconsumptionof protein andis havingwide spreadthroughout the world, meeting the favorby many. Butit is adietwithout riskto health?There are many questions, manydoubts. Recentscandalsvssutiby its creator. Let's try tofigure outtogetherwhat it is.


Thedukan dietconsists ofa precise patternthatincludes fourphases. The first stepis toattackandlasts three toten days,during whichyou eat foodsrich inprotein, such as meat, white and red, eggs, fish, shellfish, and low-fat milk. All withoutlimits. The secondstage, called"cruise", consists in addingto theprotein foodsvegetables and legumes. Besides,in terms ofpowerknowthatlegumesare also usefulfor weight loss.Particularly suitableare tomatoes, cucumbers, spinach, lettuce,mushrooms. It isat this time…

Vegetarians May Live Longer Than Meat Eaters?

Vegetarianslive longer. This is theresult thatwould emergefrom a recentresearch carried outby researchersat LomaLinda Universityin California. The vegetarian dietwould help toincura lower riskofdeath due tovarious diseasesand, specifically, thosethat affectthe cardiovascular system. The study resultswere publishedin JAMAInternal Medicine. Weretaken into accountmore than73,000subjects. All of themhave respondedto a questionnairethat concernedtheir eating habitsand type ofdietfollowed.

The participantswere divided intofive groups: non-vegetarians, semi-vegetarians, peach-vegetarian, lacto-ovo-vegetarian, vegan. Inthis divisionwas taken into account, therefore, of the volunteerswho ateevenfish, eggs and dairy products.

Macrobiotic Diet, Example menu

The observation periodlastedalmost six yearsandin that timethere have been2,570deaths. The mortality ratewasextremely lowamongvegetarians, aswas foundin the highest degreeamongomnivores.

Actuallyscholarshave failed tounderstand what were thespeci…

Macrobiotic Diet , Example Menu

What istheMacrobiotic diet? Whichcan bea menutype andan example ofthis diet? The termderives from thegreekmacrobioticmakros(long) andbios(life) and the principlesbehind thisdietwere studied byGeorgeOhsawain 1800to allow the bodyto maintain balancebetween the twoprinciplesthat governthe universe, or the Yinand Yang. Thisdiet, in fact, theassumption thatall foodsaredivided intocategories accordingtospecific characteristicsand, therefore, a correctassociationwould allowthe body tomaintain aperfect balance. Break thisbalancewould meanexposingthe bodyto avariety of maladies.

An example of abalancedmealmacrobioticexpectedthat the same iscomposed of 50% from whole grainsbeans, for 30%by vegetables(bothraw and cooked), 10%fromprotein sourceand the remaining10% by algaeand fruit(fresh and dried). Should bethe favorite, alsovegetable proteinssuch aslegumesrather thanthoseof meat and fish(takenonly occasionally). Yinfoodsareacidic foods, bitter ones, particularlyaromatic andverysweeta…

The Rice Diet Solution: Does It Work?

Asnotforgivekglostpractical advice

How notforgivekglost? Here are somepractical tipsthatcan help younot onlyto lose weightwithout any effort, but alsoto be able tomaintain fitnessconquered. Veryimportant is tomatch thesetipsa bit'of physical activityregularly. The exercise, accompaniedbytips fora healthy balanced diet, can betruly miraculous! It is not justa cosmetic issue, butit is also aboutkeeping yourselfhealthy, staving off therisk ofcertain diseases, such ascardiovascularand diabetes.

1.Do not skip breakfast

It'important to eat breakfastevery dayregularly. E'useless to jump one of thefundamentalmealsof the day, and thenovereatat lunch. Scientific researcharein supportof this thesis, becauseit has been proventhat ahealthy and balanced breakfastis also usefulto protect the heart.

2.Makelight snacks

Later in the day, especiallyat mid-morningor mid-afternoon, it is important tomakelight snacks. You caneat,for example, a fruitsuch asan appleor a pear. This way you avoidto stay…

Natural Remedies For Mouth Ulcers And Stomatitis

Aphthousstomatitisnatural remedies

Mouth ulcersorstomatitisare smallpainful ulcersthat occuron the tissueof the mouth, tongue, lips, palate.These smalllesions canbe veryannoying,because theaffected mucous membranesbecomered and swollen, and sometimesyou may runevenbleeding.Mouth ulcerscan be curedwithnatural remedies, and will worktogetherin maintaininggood oral hygiene.Not necessarilyyoumust resortto corticosteroids andantisepticmouthwashes.Evennature cangive us a hand, proposingvarioussolutionsagainststomatitis.

Copper and zinc

Ampoulesfond blanc

Thecopper and zincare twotrace elementsthatarecapable of influencing theimmune system,since they actasendocrineregulators.Copperand zincare involvedin variousreactionsthat occurwithin the organism.Totreatstomatitis,shouldencourageour consumption ofthese two minerals.There areof the appropriatevials, whichshould be takenon alternate days,for at least threemonths.


Green tea

You canapply on theulcersaffecting the mouthawetteabag.Inthis casewe wil…

Natural Antibacterial Mouth, DIY Remedies


There are severalremediesDIYforthose in searchofnatural antibacterialfor the mouth. As often happens, the products on the marketcontain chemicalsquiteaggressive-like alcohol-which should be avoidedas much as possible, bothfor our healthand the environmentthat surrounds us. How to do,then?You canprepare anatural antibacterialmouthwashwith our hands, that can be usedfordaily oral hygiene. Here are some simpleandpreciousremediesDIYto producethenatural antibacterialsuitable and safefor the mouth.

The Rice Diet Solution: Does It Work?


Some ingredientsthatwe will proposearerealpanaceato fightthe germsof the mouth-that can causecolds and flugoingto affect, therefore, alsothethroat-andthe bacteria responsible forbad breathandtooth decay, as well asofgum problems. The firstmouthwashdo it yourselfthat you canaccomplish istobaking sodaand essential oils oftea treeand mint: baking sodais, in fact, good for alkalizingtheoral cavity, in addition to helpingsalivationandfortifythe teeth…

Phytotherapy, A Viable Alternative To Make Your Kids Stronger


InItaly, according to arecent reporton the useof the NationalMedicinesAIFA(OsMed), we seean excessiveand oftenimproperadministration of drugsto children.Theherbal medicineisto helpyour children, reducing the useof drugs, whichhave manycontraindicationsand side effects,andmakingyour kidsstronger andless susceptibleto infections orrelapses. Phytotherapy(from "python", plantand"therapeia" care) isin effecta scientific disciplineandmixstudiedis the use ofmedicinal plantsas a preventiveoradjuvant, exploiting the synergyof the active ingredientscontained in them.

Theset of allactive ingredients inmedicinal plantscontainedin aherbalproductis the"plant complex." It isthis combination ofactivesubstanceswhich determinesthe therapeutic activityof the productis higher than thatof each active ingredientpurified. It is important thatherbal productsare"titled" ie are notevaluatedprecisely onlythe presence andquality of the componentsbut also the amo…