How Natural Remedies for Sore Throats

swollen tonsils effective natural remedies

Swollen tonsils: what are the natural remedies effective? That of tonsillitis is a problem that can occur especially in the flu season, when the throat is exposed in a particular action of viruses and bacteria. The consequences are to sore throat, problems breathing and difficulty swallowing. In these cases, you must always consult your doctor. However there are some solutions offered by nature, they can do their part and alleviate the hassles most serious. Let's see what are the natural remedies best suited.

 1. Sage and thyme

sage tonsils

Sage and thyme can be considered important natural remedies against the tonsils inflamed and swollen. You can do the infusions made from these herbs, herbal medicine rintracciandole easily. It 'just the herbalist that may indicate the correct mode of preparation and intake.

2. Malva

mauve tonsils

Mallow is very useful for fighting hypertrophic tonsils. In contact with an infected area, this herb is able to create a sort of protective film, which keeps away unwanted organisms. It may take the form of herbal tea, but there are preparations of mallow that can be sprayed directly on the tonsils, especially if the pain is very intense.

 3. Apple cider vinegar and lemon juice

apple cider vinegar tonsils

For sore throat caused by infected tonsils, we can make Gargle with apple cider vinegar and lemon juice. These are two ingredients that are known for their disinfectant properties. Are sufficient one teaspoon of apple cider vinegar and one lemon juice poured in half a glass of warm water.

4. Onions

onions tonsils

Onions have antibacterial properties and therefore can be considered effective in reducing infections that affect the oral cavity. Let's make them boil and use the cooking water, to make gargle. The taste is not very pleasant, but it could be an important remedy.

 5. Ginger

ginger tonsils

Ginger has anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties. If your throat hurts us, we take a small piece of fresh ginger in the mouth, which is definitely helpful in relieving pain. You can use fresh ginger root, or alternatively, there are also excellent ginger candies.

6. Turmeric

turmeric tonsils

Turmeric is considered a real natural antibiotic, which can be useful to treat tonsillitis. You can drink a glass of warm milk, mixed with a teaspoon of this spice and a pinch of pepper. Excellent remedy especially before going to sleep.

Autoimmune Hepatitis: Diagnosis And Therapy

Autoimmune Hepatitis Diagnosis Therapy

Autoimmune hepatitis is a form of hepatitis, which always occurs with chronic inflammation of the liver, which becomes the "target" of the immune system of the organism. The reason why this happens is not yet clear; according to experts could depend dal'assunzione of some drugs, exposure to certain toxins or by the concomitant presence of other diseases. If not diagnosed and treated at the right time can worsen to cirrhosis and eventually liver failure, the stage at which the need for a liver transplant is necessary.

British Study and Diagnosis

The diagnosis of autoimmune hepatitis is based on symptoms and the results of blood tests and liver biopsy. It must be stressed that this disease affects in particular women, over age 40, to about 80%. The tests relate to the assessment of the levels of liver enzymes and the detection of autoantibodies (ANA, antinuclear antibody, the SMA, antibodies anticellule smooth, and LKM1, liver-kidney microsomal antibodies). The symptomatology is characterized by abdominal pain, jaundice, itching, rash, nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite. The diagnosis and then a specific therapy should be timely in order to avoid any kind of complication. The science is studying ways to highlight just the part genetics involved. In order to ascertain the cause that is the basis of this disease, and other autoimmune diseases such as primary biliary cirrhosis (PBC), a group of British researchers conducted a study, whose co-author is Dr. Carl Anderson of the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, to identify regions of the genome involved. The researchers found, using a new technology, three genetic regions involved in the development of CBP. What is this innovative method? It is a DNA microchip, called Immunochip. The latter has the advantage to interact and to precisely identify genetic regions involved in the risk of autoimmune diseases. Until now have been identified 25 regions that can be associated with the disease. Thanks to these results and knowing the genetic activity can identify cells having a role in the onset of the disease. They are great steps forward for science that will help the development of a specific therapy and safe.


Up to now there is no real specific therapy, since it depends both on the stage of the disease, both from tolerance to drugs, not to mention the possible side effects. Usually are administered substances that suppress or reduce the activity of the immune system: corticosteroids and azathioprine. To quickly check the disease begins in the first weeks, with moderately high doses of corticosteroids (prednisone or prednisolone). These drugs are associated with azathioprine, also to reduce the doses, especially, if this is well tolerated. In case this does not happen is for the latter is for steroids, then, are used other drugs, such as cyclosporine, mycophenolate mofetil, or tacrolimus, to suppress the immune activity. If hepatitis is identified and treated at the right time you have a remission of this in about three years, with a life expectancy similar to the rest of the population. In severe cases it can happen that, despite the therapeutic treatment, the disease progresses worsened in cirrhosis, or other diseases that cause complications.


Dysthymia: Causes, Symptoms, Treatment And Therapy

What is dysthymia? What are the causes, symptoms, treatments and therapy? Dysthymia (or dysthymic disorder) is a mood disorder that tends to have less gravity, but longer life compared to depression. This disorder can appear since adolescence in men than in women and occurs more frequently in the age group between 18 and 45 years. Dysthymia is considered a chronic disorder because symptoms recur daily and for a time generally exceeding two years. Has come to mean today in 2013, when the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) has included in the chapter on depression.

 Causes and symptoms
The causes are still largely unknown, although many doctors are agreed that some life experiences of dramatic may determine the onset of the disorder. Generally the base of dysthymia may be, however, causes biochemical, genetic predisposition or environmental factors. People with this disorder feel particularly sad and worried, irritated and restless. Suffering from loneliness, insomnia, appetite disorders and, in serious cases, suicidal tendencies manifest. Among the different types of depression, dysthymia, bipolar is one of the most particular conditions and difficult to diagnose. In this case, the patient alternate alternating phases of anxiety and depression, due to an imbalance of brain chemicals. In case of suspected dysthymia, doctors perform a variety of medical and psychological tests that include physical exams, laboratory and a careful psychological evaluation.

Care and Treatment

 The main treatments for the treatment of dysthymia necessarily include the use of specific medications and cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy (CBT). During this type of therapy, the person has to analyze the causes that triggered and aggravated the disease, evaluating and modifying their behavior. The psychiatric drugs most commonly used to treat dysthymia are the same used to treat other forms of depression. They mostly include selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs), tricyclic antidepressants (TCAs) and monoamine oxidase (MAO). Some dietary supplements have proved particularly effective in the treatment of this psychiatric disorder. For example, St. John's wort may be useful in cases of mild to moderate depression, while taking omega-3 fats can be of great help when combined with antidepressant drugs.

Natural Remedies for Perimenopause

Perimenopause is the period prior to menopause. You may still be having periods, but you are also developing some symptoms common to menopause, such as hot flashes. Perimenopause symptoms and menopause symptoms are often essentially the same. Since perimenopause may continue for a number of years, many women look for ways to manage their symptoms.

A woman in perimenopause may experience hot flashes, night sweats, irregular periods, depression, weight gain and mood swings. These symptoms result from fluctuating hormone levels, as estrogen production gradually drops and the ratio of estrogen and progesterone in the system change. Although progesterone levels are not necessarily higher during perimenopause, the increased dominance of progesterone compared to estrogen can cause some similar symptoms to pregnancy, such as drowsiness or changes in libido. During perimenopause, women may also become more susceptible to vaginal or urinary tract infections.

In addition to or instead of prescription medications such as hormone replacement therapy, some women try other remedies for perimenopause. Among these are:

• Natural hormone remedies – dehydroepiandrosterone, or DHEA, is produced by your adrenal glands. It is a natural steroid. The research on DHEA is mixed. Some studies show it improves symptoms such as hot flashes and sexual dysfunction, while others show no effect and still others have reported some harmful side effects, especially at higher doses.

• Natural progesterone cream – popularized by a physician named John Lee, natural progesterone is made from a type of wild yam grown in Mexico, or sometimes from soybeans. The fat-soluble cream is applied to the skin to help bolster progesterone levels, which can fluctuate during perimenopause.

• Phytoestrogens – compounds in plants that act in the same way as estrogen. The two main kinds of phytoestrogens are isoflavones and lignans. Isoflavones are commonly extracted from soy or clover, while lignans come from flaxseeds. There are some limited studies that show phytoestrogens to be beneficial for perimenopause symptoms such as hot flashes; they may also help protect against osteoporosis, which is more likely to occur after menopause. Use caution with these supplements if you take birth control pills or have a condition affected by hormones, such as breast cancer, ovarian cancer or endometriosis.

 • Black cohosh  –  this is an herb that has a long history in folk medicine for women’s health. Although the research on black cohosh is of variable quality, there are some studies that show it helps relieve hot flashes. It is considered to be safe, but should be avoided by women who have a liver disorder of any kind.

• Maca – a plant in the same family as radishes, maca is thought to be an endocrine adaptogen, an effective way to regulate the endocrine system, which is where hormones are produced. Maca is thought to balance the endocrine system and may help some women with symptoms of perimenopause by stimulating the ovaries. Maca may help with depression and is rich in calcium, a mineral that is inadequate in many women’s diets.

• Chaste tree berry – is a small shrub or tree that grows in Central America and some areas of the Mediterranean. It has been used medicinally since the Middle Ages. The research on chaste tree berry, also called Vitex agnus-castus, is mixed. Some studies indicate it is helpful for menopausal symptoms, while others found it no more effective than a placebo. Although side effects are not generally serious, it may cause gastrointestinal upsets, dizziness, headache or itching, and may make acne worse. Some women find it increases menstrual flow. It should not be used by women who have breast, ovarian or uterine cancer, and it may decrease the effectiveness of birth control bills.

Weight Loss After Menopause, Diet And Practical Advice

Lose weight in menopause with the right diet and with the practical advice that can help us. We discover some tips that may be useful, because, with the passing of years, it becomes increasingly difficult to maintain a healthy weight. It is said that in the years following menopause should gain weight for strength. Just follow a healthy diet and choose one active lifestyle. It 'clear that the hormonal changes that occur in women in this period affect, especially on the waistband. Moreover, with the passing of years, muscle mass decreases and something must be done to replenish lean mass that was lost. Here's how.

 The Diet

The weight loss diet in menopause should be based on the decrease in calorie intake, reducing the portions and enriching it with fruits and vegetables. Especially, among these, those choices are high in vitamin B, such as bananas, potatoes and lentils, which are very useful to combat swelling and weight gain caused by fluid retention. It is these foods, too, that can effectively combat some symptoms, such as cramps and the tendency to anxiety and depression.

On the table should never miss the cheeses, especially those with a low fat content, because they are rich in calcium, which is essential to counteract osteoporosis. During the day you should drink plenty of fluids, both water and green tea, from the many properties and many benefits, packed with antioxidants. It 'a great remedy to purify the body. We see the most suitable menu for a diet to follow in this period of life.

 Breakfast: 50 ml of milk, 60 grams of bread, 8 grams of butter or 2 teaspoons of jam, a fruit choice.

Snack: a banana.

Lunch: 50 grams of pasta or rice, a dish of cooked or raw vegetables, 100 grams of lean meat, 2 teaspoons of oil to flavor and a fruit.

Snack: 40 grams of cheese.

Dinner: a plate of soup or 200 grams of vegetables (also 100 grams of potatoes or lentils), 80 grams of fish seasoned with a teaspoon of olive oil, yogurt or a fruit choice.

Practical advice

Let's see some practical tips to lose weight in menopause. It 'important to use some natural supplements, especially those based on red clover, passionflower, sage and Cimifuga, which help reduce the characteristic symptoms, such as hot flushes, sweats and vaginal dryness. These supplements help you feel more energetic and make the body function properly.

 And 'essential to avoid sugary drinks, which are often full of hidden calories and do not facilitate the achievement of the line. From restrict definitely alcohol, which can promote weight gain. A glass of wine does not create any problem, it is important not to overdo it. Very useful practice of regular exercise. There is no need to force an intensive program, but the important thing is for example also walk, to speed up metabolism and to keep in good workout muscles. Among the most recommended practices there is also that of yoga.

How the Dukan Diet Works, The Recipes And The Pattern Of The Famous Book

The diet dukan, now known and oraticata by many people, was developed by French physician Pierre Dukan and is the ability to lose weight quickly and without too many difficulties and sacrifices. This kind of diet is characterized by the large consumption of protein and is having wide spread throughout the world, meeting the favor by many. But it is a diet without risk to health? There are many questions, many doubts. Recent scandals vssuti by its creator. Let's try to figure out together what it is.

Protein diet dukan

 The dukan diet consists of a precise pattern that includes four phases. The first step is to attack and lasts three to ten days, during which you eat foods rich in protein, such as meat, white and red, eggs, fish, shellfish, and low-fat milk. All without limits. The second stage, called "cruise", consists in adding to the protein foods vegetables and legumes. Besides, in terms of power know that legumes are also useful for weight loss. Particularly suitable are tomatoes, cucumbers, spinach, lettuce, mushrooms. It is at this time that you get to the much desired weight.

Dukan diet fruit

 The third stage is that of consolidation, which involves the consumption of starches twice a week and fruit. Always twice a week you can indulge in some exception to the rule. The everything carried on for a number of days corresponding to the lost weight multiplied by 10 times. The last phase, called stabilization, is distinguished by the return to the usual eating habits, taking care to eat for one day a week only proteins that were under the first phase of the diet.

Dukan diet menu 

  Let's consider a concrete example of the menu to be followed in accordance with the schedule of the diet dukan, in relation to the first phase, to better understand what it is. At breakfast, yogurt, cheese or cottage cheese, a slice of ham fat and a boiled egg. After all it is important to have breakfast in the diet to lose weight. For lunch you can use a slice of turkey or veal and cheese. For dinner should eat fish or shellfish, a boiled egg or the chicken livers and a yogurt. For the morning snack and afternoon ideally a yogurt or about 100 grams of fat-free cheese.

Dukan diet: some recipes that can be made

Dukan diet recipes 

The diet dukan also provides specific recipes to achieve. It is in some ways quite special dishes. Passiamone quickly review some, to make us a better idea: eggplant caviar, beef tenderloin crusted with oat bran with bouquet of vegetables and mousse of garlic, strips of beef with chili and peppers, beef rolls fresh cheese, skewered shrimp with sesame and soy balsamic reduction, grouper fillets with spices on a bed of herbs, lemon mousse, iced jasmine tea. There's something for every taste, weight loss with class and effortlessly.

Vegetarians May Live Longer Than Meat Eaters?

Vegetarians live longer. This is the result that would emerge from a recent research carried out by researchers at Loma Linda University in California. The vegetarian diet would help to incur a lower risk of death due to various diseases and, specifically, those that affect the cardiovascular system. The study results were published in JAMA Internal Medicine. Were taken into account more than 73,000 subjects. All of them have responded to a questionnaire that concerned their eating habits and type of diet followed.

The participants were divided into five groups: non-vegetarians, semi-vegetarians, peach-vegetarian, lacto-ovo-vegetarian, vegan. In this division was taken into account, therefore, of the volunteers who ate even fish, eggs and dairy products.

Vegetarians May Live Longer
Macrobiotic Diet, Example menu 

 The observation period lasted almost six years and in that time there have been 2,570 deaths. The mortality rate was extremely low among vegetarians, as was found in the highest degree among omnivores.

Actually scholars have failed to understand what were the specific causes that occurred in this difference. However it is clear that among the vegetarians there was less risk of being subject to cardiovascular diseases and ischemia.

The Water Diet, How Does It Works? 
Among other things it was possible to see that the association between vegetarian diet and reduced risk of death seems to encourage more men than women.

Now the vegetarian diet is also increasing in Italy. There are many who decide to switch to this type of diet. The recent discovery could be one more reason to become vegetarian?

Macrobiotic Diet , Example Menu

What is the Macrobiotic diet? Which can be a menu type and an example of this diet? The term derives from the greek macrobiotic makros (long) and bios (life) and the principles behind this diet were studied by George Ohsawa in 1800 to allow the body to maintain balance between the two principles that govern the universe, or the Yin and Yang. This diet, in fact, the assumption that all foods are divided into categories according to specific characteristics and, therefore, a correct association would allow the body to maintain a perfect balance. Break this balance would mean exposing the body to a variety of maladies.

 Rules and such
An example of a balanced meal macrobiotic expected that the same is composed of 50% from whole grains beans, for 30% by vegetables (both raw and cooked), 10% from protein source and the remaining 10% by algae and fruit (fresh and dried). Should be the favorite, also vegetable proteins such as legumes rather than those of meat and fish (taken only occasionally). Yin foods are acidic foods, bitter ones, particularly aromatic and very sweet as milk and dairy products, fruit, tea, spices, vegetables, white bread, beef and eggs. Yang foods are, however, the alkaline foods, salty ones, little tangy, slightly sweet and slightly spicy as chicken, fish and seaweed. A third category, finally, is composed of the balanced foods such as grains, fresh vegetables and legumes that help heart health.

Macrobiotic Diet , Example Menu


A cup of tea
A cream of millet or rice with cinnamon and raisins
Rice biscuits or a bowl of cereal


A soup of millet, grain or vegetables with algae or alternatively a plate combination of boiled brown rice and vegetable protein
A baked apple, corn bran or wheat, a fruit jelly made with seaweed agar-agar
A cup of tea
A cup of tea
Rice biscuits with jam or vegetable pâté


A soup of vegetables and whole grains
Steamed vegetables or fresh at will
Fish or vegetable protein (not to exceed)
Among the vegetables are favorite cabbage, Brussels sprouts, turnip greens, radishes, carrots, fennel, shallots, green beans, pumpkins. The method of cooking vegetables should be changed periodically (boiling, saltatura, sunburn etc.). As for the white meat is recommended to choose cuts little fat, while as regards the fish should be preferred fish products of small or medium size. As for the fruit should prefer apples, apricots, peaches, plums, pears and grapes. Seaweed or spiruline for the beneficial properties can be added freely to the cooking of cereals or that of legumes. Go eventually excluded from the diet with milk and all its derivatives, then butter, cheese (fat or thin they are).

The Diet To 30 Years, Tips For Weight Loss 

The Rice Diet Solution: Does It Work?

As not forgive kg lost practical advice

How not forgive kg lost? Here are some practical tips that can help you not only to lose weight without any effort, but also to be able to maintain fitness conquered. Very important is to match these tips a bit 'of physical activity regularly. The exercise, accompanied by tips for a healthy balanced diet, can be truly miraculous! It is not just a cosmetic issue, but it is also about keeping yourself healthy, staving off the risk of certain diseases, such as cardiovascular and diabetes.

1. Do not skip breakfast

It 'important to eat breakfast every day regularly. E 'useless to jump one of the fundamental meals of the day, and then overeat at lunch. Scientific research are in support of this thesis, because it has been proven that a healthy and balanced breakfast is also useful to protect the heart.

2. Make light snacks

The Rice Diet
Later in the day, especially at mid-morning or mid-afternoon, it is important to make light snacks. You can eat, for example, a fruit such as an apple or a pear. This way you avoid to stay too long on an empty stomach and overeat at the next meal.

3. Eat vegetables first

Before other dishes during main meals, eat vegetables. You can prepare a nice salad, which, especially before the carbohydrates consumed, allows you sated and avoid eating too much pasta. Always remember that fruits and vegetables are ideal to feel good.

4. Lowers cutlery

It would seem a little trick seemingly without end, but always try to lower the cutlery next to the plate, and the other between mouthfuls. This way you can chew more slowly and therefore can reach satiety in the shortest time possible.

5. Go to the supermarket with a full stomach

Are also very important precautions you should take when you go to the grocery store. For example, you should go to the supermarket with a full stomach, to buy in a more rational way. You can also help by filling out a list of things that you need, orientandoti product more suitable for a proper diet, without taking leave from temptation, when you get through the shelves.

 6. Season the contour with a little oil

Sometimes what makes you gain weight is made up of the food itself, but right seasonings you use. Maybe not you notice, but the outline may just be the weak point of your diet. Remember, as a general rule, do not use more than one teaspoon of oil.

Natural Remedies For Mouth Ulcers And Stomatitis

Aphthous stomatitis natural remedies

Mouth ulcers or stomatitis are small painful ulcers that occur on the tissue of the mouth, tongue, lips, palate. These small lesions can be very annoying, because the affected mucous membranes become red and swollen, and sometimes you may run even bleeding. Mouth ulcers can be cured with natural remedies, and will work together in maintaining good oral hygiene. Not necessarily you must resort to corticosteroids and antiseptic mouthwashes. Even nature can give us a hand, proposing various solutions against stomatitis.

Copper and zinc

Ampoules fond blanc

 The copper and zinc are two trace elements that are capable of influencing the immune system, since they act as endocrine regulators. Copper and zinc are involved in various reactions that occur within the organism. To treat stomatitis, should encourage our consumption of these two minerals. There are of the appropriate vials, which should be taken on alternate days, for at least three months.


Green tea

You can apply on the ulcers affecting the mouth a wet tea bag. In this case we will draw benefits by the acid tannic, which promotes healing of canker sores. The tannins in tea are real and antioxidants can protect tissues from the destructive exerted by free radicals. Act beneficially on the epidermis and therefore can be used in a remarkable also to speed the process of tissue repair, when the sores put them in danger.

Vitamin C

 Orange m

We should treat very power, ensuring a higher intake of vitamin C, which can be found primarily in oranges, grapes, bell peppers, broccoli, spinach and arugula in. Vitamin C has an immune and antioxidant, because it contributes to the formation of collagen and thus promotes healing of canker sores.


Spoon of baking soda

Even baking soda is very useful to treat stomatitis. In particular the substance exerts a disinfectant against the affected part. That's because they are indispensable rinsing with water and baking soda, to prevent the formation of bacterial infections.


Mucous membranes affected by canker sores can also put the propolis, which can be considered in all respects a natural antibiotic. Propolis acts as a disinfectant and antiseptic. Moreover also is rich in vitamin C and is therefore involved in the formation of collagen, for wound healing.

Lemon properties

Lemon is rich in many properties. Especially appears as a true concentration of vitamin C, which is indispensable to stimulate the immune system. You must not, in fact, forget that canker sores tend to occur especially during periods in which the action and responsiveness of our immune system appear reduced. Depending on the requirements, we can perform the rinses with the lemon juice for two or three times a day. It 'important that the lemon is not diluted in water, for an even more efficient.

Natural Antibacterial Mouth, DIY Remedies


There are several remedies DIY for those in search of natural antibacterial for the mouth. As often happens, the products on the market contain chemicals quite aggressive - like alcohol - which should be avoided as much as possible, both for our health and the environment that surrounds us. How to do, then? You can prepare a natural antibacterial mouthwash with our hands, that can be used for daily oral hygiene. Here are some simple and precious remedies DIY to produce the natural antibacterial suitable and safe for the mouth.

The Rice Diet Solution: Does It Work?


Some ingredients that we will propose are real panacea to fight the germs of the mouth - that can cause colds and flu going to affect, therefore, also the throat - and the bacteria responsible for bad breath and tooth decay, as well as of gum problems. The first mouthwash do it yourself that you can accomplish is to baking soda and essential oils of tea tree and mint: baking soda is, in fact, good for alkalizing the oral cavity, in addition to helping salivation and fortify the teeth; while the essential oil of tea tree, for example, boasts excellent anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties. To prepare this mouthwash will serve about 240 milliliters of water, 4 teaspoons of baking soda, 4 drops of essential oil of tea tree and mint 2 to shake inside a empty bottle before each use, as baking soda tends to deposit on the bottom.

Mouthwash basil and salt

Perfect for oral hygiene, you can prepare at home even a mouthwash with basil and salt an antibacterial and antiseptic: you will need half a liter of water to pour into a saucepan, which will lead to a boil along with about 100 grams of leaves basil. Next, wait for about 10 minutes; add a pinch of salt and strain the mixture to cool before use. The salt can be used in all mouthwashes DIY to allow greater product durability homemade. Remember to use the natural mouthwash at least twice a day, making rinses and gargles.

Mouthwash with sage

Sage leaves isolated on white

Among the natural ingredients to combat bacteria, plaque and gum disease, there is the sage: can, then, to prepare a compound made of half a liter of water and 50 grams of sage leaves always bring to boil in a saucepan. Once that is done, if you want to add a pinch of salt and a tablespoon of baking; turn off the heat and close it all with a lid, until the product has cooled down to, then, can filter it and pour into a bottle.

Mouthwash propolis and essential oils of eucalyptus and peppermint


Finally, for your oral hygiene can prepare a further natural antibacterial: Mix approximately 100 milliliters of water, 5 drops of essential oil of eucalyptus, peppermint 5 and 50 drops of hydroglyceric extract of propolis, to then store the compound to 'interior of a bottle of plastic or glass. Do not forget to rinse lasting at least 30 seconds and, for greater effectiveness, not to eat 10-15 minutes before the last treatment with your natural mouthwash.

Spices and Benefits for Humans 

Phytotherapy, A Viable Alternative To Make Your Kids Stronger


In Italy, according to a recent report on the use of the National Medicines AIFA (OsMed), we see an excessive and often improper administration of drugs to children. The herbal medicine is to help your children, reducing the use of drugs, which have many contraindications and side effects, and making your kids stronger and less susceptible to infections or relapses. Phytotherapy (from "python", plant and "therapeia" care) is in effect a scientific discipline and mix studied is the use of medicinal plants as a preventive or adjuvant, exploiting the synergy of the active ingredients contained in them .

The set of all active ingredients in medicinal plants contained in a herbal product is the "plant complex." It is this combination of active substances which determines the therapeutic activity of the product is higher than that of each active ingredient purified. It is important that herbal products are "titled" ie are not evaluated precisely only the presence and quality of the components but also the amount of the same. The titration is a fundamental parameter that ensures the standardization of the product and, consequently, its safety and its effectiveness.

Phytotherapy, A Viable Alternative To Make Your Kids Stronger The fields of application of herbal medicine in pediatrics are manifold: colds, intestinal problems, loss of appetite, sleep disturbances, irritation and redness of the skin. Here is a summary of the natural treatments available for children in relation to their disorder.

If your child is prone to colds, frequent in this season, you can take advantage of the synergy between the active ingredients of the extracts of Echinacea, Zinc, Beta-Glucan, Acerola and Arabinogalactan. The synergy of these natural extracts is useful in helping the body's natural defenses against infectious agents outside. On certain occasions, in fact, the immune system of your children are weakened and their body becomes more susceptible to infections. Reinforcing their natural defenses can prevent and limit bronchitis, tonsillitis and other respiratory infections.

If your child suffers from redness or irritation caused by sweat, diapers, insect bites or mild erythema caused by UV exposure, it may be useful for a cream that contains a mix of plant extracts of Cardiospermum, Chamomile and Vitamin E. This combination has antiallergic properties, anti-inflammatory and soothing properties, and is suitable for prolonged use over time even on sensitive and delicate skin of children.

 A balanced mix involving muscle relaxants and anti-swelling properties of plants carminative (Fennel and Melissa), the absorbent dell'Argilla green and the probiotic activity of Fructo-oligosaccharides (FOS) can come to your aid if instead your child suffers from colic and gastrointestinal disorders. This compound reduces the production of intestinal gas, normalizes intestinal functions, regulates peristalsis and promotes the development of the intestinal microbial flora.

If your child has difficulty falling asleep and wakes up instead in a frequently at night, a mix of active ingredients of Escolzia and Passiflora can do for you. Both Escolzia fact that the Passiflora have calming and relaxing properties, and this combination is therefore particularly suitable for improving the quality of sleep without affecting daytime alertness.
The quality and safety of products are essential in herbal medicine as well as in traditional medicine, the more so when it comes to products for pediatric use. Among the Italian companies operating in the herbal medicine with high standards of quality and safety is Cristalfarma, company for over 10 years engaged in the research and development of herbal products for which the concept of "natural scientifically" combines a scientific approach to a path rigorous quality. All products Cristalfarma are included in the Register of supplements of the Ministry of Health and are gluten free.

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